Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today, today!!!

So I woke up this morning, went to the bathroom and glanced in the mirror and had to have a good laugh! My bed head hair this morning was crazy funny! I should have taken a picture and posted it but...I didn't!

My plan for today includes getting laundry caught up, working out of course, cleaning up Gianna's room, and taking a nap since I'll be up till about 3:30am tonight. I don't have a car today so I can't just drive out to my parents house. I hate not getting Gianna out though, so if we can find a ride, we might go out and swim. But for now our plan is to just stay home and get stuff done around the house here. I'm not a great housekeeper, I've said that before. I keep the house clean and picked up but I'm not super organized and I'm not all about being super duper clean either. Basic cleaning is good for me!

Tonight is the BIG night! Eclipse is coming out at midnight! I'm so glad that this year I have some great people to go see it with - my hubby and a friend of mine are going with me. Last year I went to see New Moon alone....yeah, how crappy is that? Show's what kind of "friends" I had at the time. What kind of "friend" lets their friend go see New Moon alone?! Lol! Not a good one - I remember my "friend" at the time text me while I was standing in line for hours alone and said, "I know you must think I'm a terrible friend for making you go alone....." And yeah, I actually did think that! But whatever, this time is going to be super fun and I'm looking forward to fun times, popcorn and Edward! Eclipse is such a detailed, wonderful book and I'm eager to see how they condense it down for the big screen! I'll probably pull out my Twilight DVD and watch it just to get the excitement going...I don't own New Moon, yet. I'm sure I'll have much to tell you and a movie "review" to talk about later on!

Believe it or not, football practice will start for most schools soon. My brothers both have played several years and they start training fairly early on in the summer. And it's miserable! Big boys sweating in tons of gear out in the sun - the vehicle REAKS after they are done! We are huge footballs fans around my house and my family's house - mainly ALABAMA football! Roll Tide, baby! Last year my brothers teams both had a girl on each team....OK, first let me say that I'm not one of those people who believe men can do things and women can't, etc. But I do think there are some things that are just suited to men better and things that are just suited to women better. That's just how it is! Football being one of those rough and tumble sports that just suits men better - physically and mentally. The girl playing on one of my brother's teams was pretty tough but she got hurt really bad at one of their last games and was put in the hospital. For the most part it kinda wigs the guys out, most of them have been taught to go easy on girls so they aren't sure where to shove, push and hit. I think most parents who push their daughters to play a manly sport simply want to prove something. I hear women say things like, "My daughter is tougher then most guys her age!", or "I've seen my daughter just take down guys bigger then her!", or "....they begged me to let her play!" I wouldn't be proud! Lol! I'd be embarrassed that my daughter was so rough and "manly" that coaches wanted her on their team. I don't want my daughter to be able to take down men. I want her to be able to stand up for herself and protect herself if need be but I don't want her to turn into some huge linebacker just to prove that women are as good as men! Lol! I want Gianna to be feminine and strong, not manly and rough. I don't care how open minded you are or how open minded I get I will always believe football is for men. It just is. I love football and I love watching big, manly men slam around on the field, but I personally don't want to see some big, hulking girl slamming around out their with them!!!

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  1. I often have such crazy bedhead words can not descibe! There are some mornings where I look in the mirror and think, "My straightener won't fix this! Neither will a pony tail. It's a messy bun day!" lol!

    I am not allowed to watch Twilight..but I hear about it a lot from my friends.