Friday, July 22, 2011

The Things We Do

So we brought Ms. Gemima home Wednesday evening. She's adjusted pretty well, a little slower then I thought but she's been confined to one room her entire 3 months of life so the whole house was a bit overwhelming for her. The first day she stuck to the living room and kitchen but last night and today she's all over the house. She refuses to use the litter box downstairs, she seems scared of it. But she'll go to the one upstairs. Whatever works I guess! She's also kinda whiney - she meows a lot when she wants attentions or she realizes she's by herself. But she's really sweet and so tiny compared to Gandalf!
He's been nice to her but keeps his distance and he acts pretty p.o.'d with us for bringing her around! He sticks his tail in the air and walks off when we talk to him.

Gianna has been all sorts of crazy lately - I feel like she's constantly climbing all over everything and getting hurt half the time. She's obsessed with Capri Sun juice "boxes" as she calls them. She also won't leave the cat bed alone, she thinks it's hers to play in and "sleep" on!

Gemima is hard to get a really good picture of because she won't be still for anything. She's so funny because the past two nights around 9:30 or 10pm she gets this hyper streak and pounces around the living and does this hilarious hopping thing! Gianna likes to attempt to carry her around, it usually lasts all of 30 seconds.

I kinda "forget" about my Toms for awhile and then I get totally obsessed with them again. My red pair is my absolute most comfortable so I wear them around the house like house shoes!
Oh, and that's just a random pic of me after I worked out....I kinda love those work out capri's. so yeah.

We we wrestling around on the couch yesterday waiting for Beej to get home, so hence the extreme close up of Gianna!
And then she totally chilled on the couch and watched Victorious. Look at them long legs!

Gemima curled up on the couch with me while I ate cereal this morning. Cereal is seriously my coffee - my day just doesn't seem the same if I skip it.

So a month or so ago Gianna went through this stage for a few weeks ( luckily her "stages" don't seem to last that long".) where she would twirl her hair and because it's so fine it would get knotted and then she's pull it out. So needles to say, the right side of her head was missing a lot of hair and was totally uneven. I've been putting off cutting it even because I knew it would be so short and we've been trying forever to get her hair to grow out. But I did it today because it was looking so rough. It's cute, anything on her would be cute but it does seem SO short now!
Hopefully it'll grow back out quickly.

I liked my outfit today so I thought I'd post a few pictures.
Tank dress - Ross
Stretch leggings - Family Dollar
Belt - Hospice Thrift store
Sandals - Target
Headband - Pretty Nods, made by me!

I love how she does her leg when I tell her to smile for the camera! So cute!

This is my sister and her husband's dog, Max. He used to belong to my parents but when they moved they couldn't take him so she did because she needed a play mate for their other dog, Roscoe. Anyway, Wednesday night she called me really upset because she got home from work and Max was laying in his pen, soaked in sweat, blood shot eyes and wouldn't move. It was really hot that day so we thought he had probably suffered a heat stroke. She took him to an emergency vet clinic and they started working on him but he wasn't responding well.

Yesterday he was more alert but still couldn't walk or control his bladder. They also discovered a snake bite - apparently he was bit by a rattlesnake. The poison paralyzed him and then the heat caused more damage. They are taking him home today but he still hasn't recovered full mobility but he seems better. They were afraid they were going to have to put him we are super happy he's recovered this much and hopefully he'll continue to get better and better!

That's about it for now - have a happy weekend!!!


  1. Cute outfit! I'm loving both your blogs! :)

  2. Well, thank you! Thanks for stopping by!