Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm a blah blogger.....

I feel like I'm so behind on really good blog posts lately. I did mention starting a fitness/health blog ( and I've been really excited at how well it's been received and the amount of followers I've gotten already (although that's not what it's all about it's still encouraging!). It's simple and real but I do feel like I'm devoting a lot of my time to keeping up daily posts over there.....but it's been SO good for me. I'm really trying to step up my fitness and healthy eating again. I was at such a good place for awhile and I've slowly let that slip some so I'm trying to get back to it.

But life goes on.....

I'm still doing Insanity every morning - I'm in the midst of my third week. But I'm trying to add a few more "mini" work outs here and there through out the week. I recently pulled in this mini trampoline from outside. It's been sitting there doing nothing forever. But I've found it's great to put in the living room and watch a little TV while I jump! I work up a great sweat and a good burn in my calves and I don't feel bad "sitting" around watching TV. Even Bug loves it, although she tires of it easily! Lol!

I caught her "playing" the piano yesterday - I went in because even though she was randomly hitting keys it was sounding too bad and she wasn't just "banging" on the piano. I think the girl is going to love music just like her parents do and hopefully she'll have a natural knack for playing like her daddy does!

I've been trying to make an effort to take Bug to our local inflatable "park" - it's $5 and she can play all she wants for as long as she wants. I usually take a book and try to do some reading while she plays. It totally wears her out and she's such a friendly outgoing kiddo she always makes friends. We've been twice in the past two weeks and I'm hoping to try to make it more of a weekly thing. She loves going!

Yesterday we ran a few errands, it was crazy hot. And super muggy out. Ugh. I came home and worked in my newly organized craft room and made this cute little "watermelon" headband. I'm trying to get enough quality product together to get my Etsy shop back in order and actually start selling. The stuff I originally put up was some of my first stuff and it wasn't quite as nice.....

Today we went to the dentist - Bug's dentist is an hour and 15 minutes away but for me it's totally worth the drive. They are SO nice and it's geared towards kids, all the staff seem to genuinely love kids and working with them. Bug feels so at ease there and that means so much to me. She loved having her teeth cleaned and had x-rays for the first time. I got to see her "adult" teeth under her baby teeth. Crazy! The dentist says her teeth are perfect and her one tooth that she had to have crowned awhile back was simply a defective tooth not a result of lack of dental hygiene on our part which made me feel SO good because I try so hard to keep her teeth squeaky clean!

Mowed grass this morning, that's a work out within itself! I also made homemade pita was spur of the moment. We got home late from the dentist and I hadn't planned anything for dinner. I realized I had some whole wheat and flax pitas and some pepperoni and since I was craving pizza I decided to do a "healthy" version. It was actually pretty good. I put spinach on mine to get some veggies in.

And that's our sweet Gemima up there! I had made the decision a few days ago to not get her. I thought instead we should maybe just get an adult cat because to be honest, after our accident with Gypsy I'm kinda freaked out about bringing another kitten home. Even though I know what happened to Gypsy was simply a freak accident I'm still a little on edge. Plus I wasn't sure we had bonded with Gemima like I thought we should. But after I said we didn't want her I realized I did want her and that the thought of her going to someone else didn't make me happy. And I also realized that the bonding will be different because she's a different cat and she's female - they are much more "independent" then the males are when it comes to the Himalayans. So yeah, she's ours and we'll probably wait until my birthday at the end of August. She'll be four months old and that's when we got our last kitten, Gypsy. They aren't quite so "babyish" but are still young enough to adjust well to a new house. She's just too cute to say no to!

This weekend we have some family coming into town - we're going to celebrate my mother in law's birthday Saturday night. Bug is going to spend the night with them and I think the hubby and I may try to go see the last Harry Potter movie! But before all that glam I'm going to spend the day cleaning tomorrow. Oh, joy!


  1. what an awesome dentist! and i loooovvve pita pizzas, but DUH. why have i never thought of putting spinach on it?? that's genius. YUM.

  2. Gianna is TERRIFIED of the doctor after going through so much with her kidney reflux but luckily she loves her dentist! And I have totally forgotten about pita pizzas until I was scrounging around last night (craving pizza) and I was hit with "inspiration"! Lol! I put spinach in and on everything - it makes it seem healthier! Haha!