Thursday, July 28, 2011

Room Inspiration

I've been in the mood lately to re-decorate Gianna's room. Right now it's totally "girly" - loads of pink and purple. Kind of an overload of it actually. I just want something classier and modern and awesome!

I've been thinking lately that a black and white room with bright yellow accents. How cute
would that be?! So here are a few things that gave me a little "inspiration".
Who knows when it will actually get done but still I like thinking about it!

(I think I'd incorporate some birds into the rooms.....)

(How awesome is this dresser?!!! Do you think it was painted?!)

(I'd probably end up just doing something simple like!)

(I like this simple black and white bedding.)

(Lovely bright, happy yellow!)

(fun patterns)

(And birds!)


  1. YELLOW is lovely! Very happy and fun and bright...I think it would be PERFECT for a little girl! :)

    I have moods to redecorate all the time. Fortunately for my husband, my moods don't usually effect our reality. HA!

  2. Yeah I'm not a great decorator and that's why for the most part things just stay the way they are! My ideas never turn out the way I want them too.....I'm just not creative enough!