Sunday, July 17, 2011

For the love of modern....

I would gladly give up the current space we have to move someone more modern and in a place we love, a cool downtown area. Obviously because we have a child we couldn't move into a studio or one bedroom apartment so that complicates finding a place especially for a decent price. I'm not one of those people who just can't wait to own their own home - I love the feel of "apartment" living. I like the community feel even if you aren't friends with your neighbors. But if I could design my own condo or apartment it would most certainly have this modern, sleek feel.....

(I love the tree decals on the walls and that orange chair is amazing!)

(My hubby has most certainly taught me that when it comes to household thing less is more -
I love how simple and neat this bedroom is.)

(How awesome is this kids room? I love the bright colors and the loft bed....)

(This kitchen is breath taking! I probably wouldn't put white chairs at my table but you get the idea!)

(Who doesn't love a cleaned tiled bathroom?! And that sink is too rad!)

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  1. love the photos! i love modern!!

    jenna duty