Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Catch up

Who is this child?! I swear, she is literally growing right before my very eyes way too
quickly. In some ways it makes me a little sad. I miss her baby-ness. I wish I could
keep her two years old forever. I liked that age. Still a "toddler" but grown up
enough to not need me all the time. Now she's smart, witty, and she back talks me.
She's independent and wants to do things on her own. She can entertain herself in her
room for an hour or longer. She is funny and sweet and thoughtful.
I love her so much and as excited as I am about her growing up, it kinda makes me sad too.

My parents are in Maine right now with my brothers and my mother left her car with me
since they flew up there. It's lovely! It's a cute little Kia Soul and I'm in heaven driving
it!!! No joke. I've never had a new car.....and I hope one day when I'm working again
that I'll be able to "splurge" a little and get something this adorable.

She also left her cat with us, Tigre. And she's adjusting well. I was afraid she wasn't
going to get along with Gemima after their first meeting but she's settled in now and
her and Gemima are getting along well now! It's cute to see them tearing around the house
after each other.

We dropped by my mother in law's today to take her and a friend down to the hair salon
to get their hair done. They both ended up going much blonder and they each got a
feather in their hair! So cute. Especially on my 60 year old mother in law!
But while we were at the house Gianna took the opportunity to jump on the inflatable
guest bed. She said it was just like Kidz Play - our local inflatable park!
I snapped a couple of photos, her faces crack me up! Click on the picture to see it larger.
It will most certainly make you smile (and look at those long legs! Geez.)

My little artist. She found a "paint brush" - it was actually an old make up brush but she was
thrilled. She located her little paint pots and wanted to paint. So I got her some paper
and she painted for a good 30 minutes. She painted a flower garden, and later
she painted a picture of Daddy walking in the flower garden.
She has such an imagination!

After some painting we made smoothies for a snack. I have these smoothie mix packs from
Jamba. They are little individual bags with pre chopped strawberries, bananas and yogurt
"chunks" - you add juice or milk, blend it up and enjoy! She loves them as much as I do!

I pretty much wear my hair up like this all the time! It's so much easier to deal with, quick
to style because there is no flat ironing involved and SO much cooler since you
pretty much sweat as soon as you walk outside right now. Today was "cooler" and it
was still 95 out. I'm trying to get better about wearing all my cool earrings. I just
forget most of the time.

I'm hoping it'll be good and sunny tomorrow and that I can actually get Gi and I
out to the pool. We haven't really spent any time out there in like a month.
I think I spent more time out here at the pool when I didn't live here!
But my tan is practically gone now and that's not cool since it's still July......

But I'm looking forward to August - mine and the Hubs 6 yr anniversary (I should share "our story" sometime!), my 25th birthday (sounds so old!), Gianna starting school (hopefully)
and the possibility of me getting a part time job (after um, five years, being at home. Yikes.).
I put in an application at our local Hibbett Sports - I wouldn't mind working around
cool shoes and fitness equipment so I'm hoping to hear back from them. *fingers crossed*


  1. you're only a state away but it's actually like, 8 hours or something! i'm a psycho and checked google maps!

  2. Lol! STALKER! Just kidding....yeah I'm closer to my family in AL. then I am to you.