Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our weekend.

I mentioned that we were going to cat-sit my mom's new kitten, Tigre. We got her today and she's spent the past couple of hours trying to adjust to our house and our two cats. Gemima so badly wants to be friends but Tigre isn't quite there yet! And she throws a fit when Gandalf comes around! Poor dude, he just wants to check her out. But I think she'll warm up in the next day or two and it'll all work out. She's so tiny though, she makes Gemima look big. They are only a week apart - Gemima was born April 20th and Tigre was born April 27th.

My mom also got Gianna this Slip N Slide! Lol! I guess we'll try to use that's been pretty super hot so it'll be something fun for her to do. Oh, and that's a random picture of Gianna showing me her wad of gum after dinner last night!

I always think it's so funny to see Gianna playing with this giant baby doll. It was my sister's doll growing up and now to see Gi playing with it, especially when it's SO huge, cracks me up. My mom has a bunch of old handmade vintage clothes that actually belonged to a friend of ours when he was a baby, now mom keeps them around for Gi to dress Giant Baby in, who by the way doesn't have an actual name!

I may or may not have spent 20 minutes straightening my hair so I could put it up in a pony tail this morning. When I dry my hair it gets all wavy, not curly and not straight. And I hate the way it looks if I just put it straight up so I flat iron it first and then put it up, it looks cute that way!

Haha! That's me torturing poor Gemima by making her take pictures with me.....and that's me torturing Gianna too! Lol! I say Hey come take a picture with me and she moans and smiles for one and then she's done. Oh, well, I got one.

I'm going to watch The Yellow Handkerchief after Bug goes to bed tonight....I've been wanting to see it. It was kinda an indie film so not a lot was said about it but I've heard through the grapevine that it was good so we'll see. The hubby and I also got about 15 minutes into The Crazies last night. So far it feels a lot like a Stephen King story so I'm excited to see how it plays out!

For now we're chillin' and watching Cupcake Wars. The weekend has gone by WAY too fast. It always does. How was your weekend?!

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