Sunday, July 17, 2011

Busy Weekend, Lazy Sunday

We had a lovely weekend with family - my sister in law and niece "in-law" were in town for a couple of days. We haven't seen them since uh, like May of last year! Craziness. And this weekend was my mother in law's birthday so we did a little celebrating last night by heading up to Asheville and walking around some crazy expensive shops. We went into this one little place called Posh Petite. Good Lord - they had little outfits for girls like leggings and tunic tops for like $86! They had this stunning crib for $2000! I mean, seriously? We also walked around O.P. Taylor's toy store and discussed all the silly and amazing toys they make now. I really want to start getting Gianna some of the Melissa & Doug toys especially their food (how cute is this sushi set?!) and kitchen stuff. It's so much nicer then all the plastic crap she currently has. So I think that will go on her Christmas list this year! After that we headed over to P.F. Changs. I had planned to just get lettuce wraps for dinner but they had this special going on and Bug wanted Sweet N Sour Chicken so I ended up getting that so we could split it. She was starving and literally ate 75% of it! But that was ok because I didn't need to eat that much of it anyway.

Everyone headed back after dinner and my sis in law took Gianna back to spend the night with them so Beej and I seized the opportunity to go see the new Harry Potter. We saw it in 3D and it was fabulous and the perfect ending! Very well done movies and I'm sad they are done. We got back pretty late and crashed and then actually got to sleep in until 8:15 this morning. That's a big deal for my hubby, he normally gets up at 5:30 every morning and most weekend days he still only sleeps until about 6:30.

Random fact - I can't wait until I can go super red with hair! Like I've mentioned before I'm not coloring my hair until next summer. I want to grow it all out till it's all my natural color again and then go all over red! I'm thinking it'll take at least a year to grow all the color out and get it good and long......I guess I was looking at my niece in-law's and hers is all red right now and I felt a little jealous! Lol!

I made this yummy after work out protein drink the other day - it's 1/2 cup of 1% milk, 1/2 cup cold water, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1 Tablespoon Nesquick powder and crushed ice. Blend and enjoy!

Yesterday morning before we went out with the fam my hubby met up with one of his friends to play some basketball at the park. His plan was to go and play for awhile and then I'd pick up Subway for lunch and bring it to them, we'd eat and let Bug play at the park for awhile. When I got there he was sitting on a bench holding his head and his friend looked pretty worried. Got over there and realized he was holding a bloody napkin to his head and his hands were bloodied. He pulled the napkin away and had a big split right above his eyebrow. It was pretty bad and I was sure he needed stitches. Apparently he and his friend dove for the ball at the same time and he slammed his faced into the top of his friends head and split his head open. We got home and he got the bleeding stopped and I put it together with some lovely butterfly band-aids (of course they don't carry flesh colored ones!). So far it's held together well but it's still sore and he'll have a cute little scar there now. He friend kept apologizing but I told him not to worry about it, the girls would think it's hot so he'd actually done him a favor! Lol!

While Gianna was with her aunt and cousin they went "shopping" and got Gianna a new "pet" - one of those Fur Real Friends. A dog that barks, "walks", and whines! Gianna loves it and named it Luna - Luna is her go to name for everything right now. She named one of her Grandma's kittens Luna and her doll is Luna and now her dog is Luna - actually her full name is Luna Honey Sweetie. Totally sounds like a name some celebrity would give their kiddo!

Speaking of names I've heard some great ones lately - Brigsby, Bingham, Lennon, Cozy, Adoration and Anthem! How great are those?!!!

My sis in law got this GIANT cupcake for my mother in law's birthday and we cut it today - it had like 4 inches of icing on it. I had like four small bites and thought I was going to go into sugar coma - I had to go eat a tortilla chip afterwards just to have some salt to counter the sugar! Geez.

We're just chillin' at home now.....I finished reading Dark Rivers Of The Heart by Dean Koontz this afternoon. I think I'll start something by Stephen King next. What are you reading right now?!

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