Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things I'm Lovin'!

1. My new purse - my sis got it for $4 at Target (I never find such great deals there but whatev!) and we traded purses while I was at the beach with her. I had a cool black purse from Target and she needed a black purse and I needed something more summery so we traded! And I love it!

2. New glasses - I don't have them yet but I'm getting them at the end of the week, ordering them at least. There's this online place called and you can order glasses online for as cheap as $7 - prescription glasses! Awesome, huh? I know a fellow blogger that always gets her glasses from there so I thought I'd try it out. My glasses right now are fine but I want something a little new and I figure these beauties for $10 couldn't be bad, right?!!! Can't wait to get them!

3. Ghost Whisperer - Yeah, I know, I'm behind but I recently discovered you can watch all 5 seasons on Netflix! So yeah, awesome! My hubby says there is only one reason to watch GH and that's to see Jennifer Love Hewitt! I actually kinda like the show......

4. Suddenly Salad Classic - I've always loved this stuff but kinda forgot until we were at the beach this past weekend and my sis made some and it was so good! Nice and chilled when you come in hot from the beach...yummo! So I made some for the 4th of July and I made WAY too much so I've been eating it little by little since Monday! Mmmmm!

5. Neon Nail Polish - I borrowed some from my sis while at the beach and it's so pretty and summery! I've got to find the three colors above but I have found it almost impossible to find neon yellow polish anywhere......sheesh! But I'm still on the hunt, the yellow I bought the other day turned out to be too sheer and not "in your face" enough!

6. Friendship anklets - got them at the beach, one back in May and another one this time around. I love them, I wear them all the time, never take them off. They do tend to stretch out some after you wear them in the water over time. But they are so fun!

7. My mother in law's Nikon - it's lovely! I know very little about photography and even less about this camera but I do know it takes amazingly clear photos! I have great firework pictures on it but I don't have the USB cord to transfer them so as soon as I get it I'll share them with you!

8. Wearing my hair up with a headband - so I can finally wear my hair up with the help of a lot of bobby pins! But if I scrunch it first it makes a cute and simple little updo and you add a fun headband and there ya go!!! I'm loving it and you'll probably see this 'do a lot coming up. It's pretty, different (for me) and so much cooler to have it off my neck, face and forehead!

So what are you loving lately?!


  1. I'm all about neon nails at the moment! I'm writing because my blog will soon turn one year, and I´ll make a post with all bloggers who have supported and inspired me along the way like you did! If it's not much to ask I'd love you to write me a congrats message via email, a line or two, and to let me take a picture from your blog to go with it on the post, hope to hear from you soon, it will mean a lot to me!

    Thank you! :)
    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. Absolutely, I'll try to send that later today!

  3. LOVE neon polish and friendship bracelets/anklets...those are the perfect things for SUMMER! :)

    I cannot believe we were both at the beach at the same time...I think we are destined to run into each other eventually!! We ate at Lulu's and the Hangout, too!

  4. you are going to look adorable in those glasses! i'll have to check out that site. that's amazing!

  5. Ashley, I think we may have been there before you? We arrived on Thursday and left Sunday, the 3rd. But if we were there at the same time and looks like we may have been staying fairly close to each other too....I wish I had know!!!!

    And, Amy, yeah - they have tons of super cute glasses for as cheap 6.95 a pair! I've yet to order mine mainly because my lovely *sarcasm* eye doctor didn't fill out my glasses prescription correctly so I'm missing info I need to order them. Grrrr!!! But when I get them I'll be so excited, haven't had new glasses in like uh, four years?!