Friday, July 29, 2011

I wish I had....

Tonight I wish I had.....

(An hour long hot stone massage.....God. I'd die!)

(A hot fudge brownie sundae. Yum.)

(A work out partner. It would make working out SO much more fun.
I might even take up running if I had a buddy to do it with!)

(A slice of pizza. Craving. Like the way I put my work out buddy wish in between
two awful food items?!!)

(A really great friend. I miss having a good girl friend. It would be awesome if
my good girl friend would also be my work out partner. Tada!)

(This great satchel purse from Target....I love purses.)

(A whole day on the beach by myself to tan, sleep and read......*happy sigh*


  1. all these things sound amazing. work out partners are THE best... that's what makes stroller strides so freaking cool. sorry, i know your town doesn't have it :(

    they used hot stones on my legs last time i got a pedicure & it was A-mazing. i can't imagine what a full body massage with them would feel like. probably heaven.

  2. I need a workout partner, too. My friends either don't live by me or don't work out/can't sync up schedules. It's depressing. :(

  3. Yeah, I've had a deep tissue massage and it was wonderful but next time I get a massage I want an hour long one with oils and hot stones! Ahhhhh!!! And yeah, the whole work out buddy thing - it totally depresses me. I can't find anyone around here. It would encourage and motivate me SO much more if I had someone physically there to be accountable to and to do extra workout's with 2 or 3 times a week. Maybe I should place an ad on Craigslist?!!! Just kidding, I'd get some freak!

  4. ohhhh yes.....I'll take the exercise buddy....that'd be nice lol

  5. I LOVE the last one...i can't even imagine a whole day at the beach alone - sounds amazing!