Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She Breathes Deeply link

Hello, blogger lovelies!

I'm going to direct you right over to She Breathes Deeply today.
She put up a post about how to grow your blog and I thought it was so
right on and insightful. I think that whether or not your want a million
followers or not you do want to know how to best portray yourself
through your blog and you do want people to read it and enjoy it!

I've been at this whole blogging thing for awhile now and I feel like I'm
just beginning to kinda break into the community of wonderful bloggers out there.
So many of the women I follow are fellow wives and moms and they have no
idea how much their daily posts encourage and enlighten me.

Right now, where I am in life both area wise and as a person, I don't have
a lot, well, any, friends right now. I feel like such a loser saying that but it's
not because I don't want friends, it's mainly because I just haven't found any
really great women to be friends with. My last two friendships didn't end on
great notes so I've kinda shied away from trying to form more at this time.

But my point is this, blogging isn't just about standing on your soap box and
shouting your opinion although it can be used for that too. For awhile
I used my blog to vent. I needed that at the time but when I got back and
read those posts, geez, I sound SO angry! But I think being able to get all that out
via my blog helped me heal quicker and move past what was holding me down.

So head on over and check out Mandy's blog, She Breathes Deeply.
It's a lovely little corner of cyberspace and she's sweet, brilliant and fun!

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