Sunday, July 31, 2011

How was it?

We've had a pretty good week/weekend.....

Wednesday we made a trek out with my mother in law and her friend who is visiting......we made the usual round to Costco and then Wal-Mart and Petsmart. That's Gianna up there
browsing DVD's at Costco. You'd have no idea that right before that picture she was flipping
out and crying because I said no to a $25 Tangled dvd. Good grief, why are dvd's so
expensive anyway?

My mother in law had foot surgery on Thursday, both feet. This is her third surgery.
Basically, because of years on her feet at her old job, the bones in her feet have started to
rotate and move and they keep having to go in a reset the bones, pin them in place and
put in screws to hopefully keep them right. She pretty much has no feeling in her
feet now from all the work done on them.

Friday we spent the whole day at home until that evening and we decided to go visit my MIL
and see her friends - she had two different ladies who came down to help take care of her
and all the cats at her cattery. One of the ladies I met earlier in the week and she was
super nice! The other lady I had met once before and liked her. But this time around, good Lord, she was a completely different person. And I'm not joking. She had never met Beej until
that night and she literally spent the whole time we were there making jabs at us.
Like totally rude, bashing comments! I was in total shock. We kept trying to make
excuses for her because honestly, I've never met anyone that openly and blatantly
rude to someone they didn't even know! Even now when I think about it I'm still shaking
my head......
So Beej spent most of the time upstairs chillin' on his Mac (and she had something to say
about that too!) and Gianna kept trying to blow up a plastic glove to make a balloon.
After it was blown up she couldn't figure out why it wouldn't float up in the air!

Wednesday night Gianna fell out of her bed while she was sound asleep. The picture doesn't even begin to show what a HUGE bump she had on her head. It was the size of a golf ball!
She never falls out of the bed except on a rare occasion. But she's been filling her bed with so many stuffed animals and dolls I think they finally pushed her over the edge!

Thursday Gianna got a package from her Janou (grandmother) - my mom does this thing called and you can make cards online and the company prints them and mails them out for you. you can add goodies, like the GIANT cookies Gi is holding, too.

Gianna is all about some Apple products! She loves playing games on, she'll browses Beej's picture files all by herself and even though she isn't allowed to touch our iPhones she still knows how to unlock them and find where she wants to go. Craziness.

Tigre is leaving tomorrow. I'm actually kinda sad. I've gotten really attached to her over the week she's been here. And I feel bad because Gemima has gotten used to having someone to play with and now she'll be gone. I know Gemima will adjust but still I feel bad. Gandalf is
officially to old to really want to play and all. He'll be 13 on Oct. 1st! Gemima isn't looking like
much of a kitten anymore....even though she isn't even 4 months old yet and she's still pretty
small her face looks grown up.

This was my couch last night! Lol! My family got in from their Maine vacation yesterday. My
mom headed out immediately to go meet up with some of her old highschool pals. She
went to private boarding school up in Asheville and a bunch of the women from her time there
were getting together for the weekend up there.
My dad and my brothers came over for dinner, one of my sisters joined us as well.
I made a huge spaghetti dinner - everyone scarfed it down and then went swimming!

I busted out a work out after we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel yesterday morning. I kinda felt
guilty! And then after spaghetti I decided on a mini workout using my Nike Training app.
It's a new work out they offer by Hope Solo - she's the goalie for the US soccer team. I think. Haha!
Google "Hope Solo Nike work out" - the girl has KILLER abs!
And this morning my lower abs are sore so that's a good thing! Today is my "rest day"
before I start Month 2 of Insanity tomorrow. Yikes.
But I may just do another mini work out tonight for good measure. Really trying to keep
my eating lean today since I'm weighing in tomorrow morning and this week has been
rough eating wise. Ugh.

How was your weekend?

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