Saturday, January 7, 2012

To cut or not to cut?!!!

(Me with short hair....I loved this length. Shaggy, edgy and it made me feel cute!)

(Ideas. I like the first cut and the brunette's cut the best....)

So I'm seriously contemplating cutting my hair again soon. I'm really really bored with my hair right now. I do like being able to pull it into a ponytail when need be and part of me would be sad to part with it. But other then that when I have long(ish) hair I do nothing with it. I see all these pretty and cute hair styles but I can't ever seem to do them on my own hair (that's really great for a cosmetologist to say! Lol! I can do your hair but not my own!). So needless to say I straighten it every day and it's just boring. Not to mention my hair is fairly thin and the longer it gets the thinner and flatter it looks......

I've been growing my bangs out as well, I usually always have some kind of side fringe or bang and part of me likes being able to totally pull them out of my eyes especially when I work out but then feels boring for me. I'm ready for something sassy and cute again.

What do you think? Should I leave it and continue growing it out in the same way I am. Or go bold and cut it short with a fringe/bang? Or maybe compromise and leave it long(ish) but get some bangs cut? I'm torn, people, torn!!! Lol!


  1. i've always loved that picture of you. i say cut it! :)

  2. I say cut!! If you don't like it, it will grow back! But you look great with shorter hair (and long hair too) so why not start the new year with a new cut?

  3. I'm getting it cut for sure, just not positive when. Since I just paid to have my hair trimmed on Wednesday it seems like a waste of money to go pay all over again! So I may have to wait until the beginning of next month even though I don't want to. Unless I get lucky and make a bunch of sales on Etsy it's gonna have to wait. :-(