Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Confessional V.6

51. I pretty much like anything that is mint/chocolate! Ice cream, fudge, candy, hot chocolate, whatever!

52. I'm deathly afraid of heights but I love flying...something about airports and airplanes are so fun!

53. My family are huge Bama fans. So two of our biggest rivalries are Auburn and Tennessee. Both which have orange as one of their team colors. Thus I hate orange and I especially hate the orange and blue combo. Gag.

54. I have never played any kind of sport in my life. I'm very much a girly girl. When Benjamin tries to throw a football too me I usually duck! Lol!

55. I have an obsession with keeping my toenails painted. In fact they are kinda stained from where I keep nail polish on them at all times.

56. I absolutely LOVE the beach but I won't go more then ankle deep into the water. It freaks me out that there are all sorts of creatures living in it and the salt really irritates the skin on my legs and end up making them red and then they burn! But I'll lay out and cook in the sun till I'm a lobster!

57. Speaking of laying out I've never ever been to a tanning bed in my life. I thought about going this past summer but it seemed like a waste of time, gas and money when I could go lay out by the pool in my backyard.

58. Even though I've been trying to grow my hair out for like 8 months now I'm totally bored with it and I'm going to cut it off again. And I'll tell you a hair was the longest at my fattest, it was short and cute at my skinniest. So when my hair starts getting long I automatically start seeing a fatter face in the mirror. I know, it's all in my head, but I think that's part of the reason I just don't like my hair long right now....

59. My ultimate dream car is a Range Rover but until then I'd like a Honda Accord. No joke. They are the greatest little cars. The first car I bought with my very own savings back in 2004 was an '89 baby blue Honda Accord. An elderly lady had purchased it new and drove it to like church and the grocery store once a week so it only had about 85,000 miles on even though it was 15 years old. I LOVED that car! It took me back and forth to Cosmetology school and work 6 days a week for a year. Then some stupid lady hit me from behind while I was stopped at a light and completely totaled it. I was broken hearted. After that I bought a lemon of a Ford Taurus from my boss who swore it was THE best car. It had a "ghost" and we spent almost $1,000 trying to fix it to no avail. So I basically gave it away just trying to get rid of it!

60. My favorite scent is Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path. The smells reminds me of dating Benjamin and I just find it warm & sexy. I need to go buy some.....


  1. you know what's funny, when my hair is short all i see is a big, fat face. and when it's longer my face looks skinnier to me. :)

  2. It's that way for most people, Deanna. And it's probably the same for me but it's a mental block for me I guess. I had a shirt in the back of my closet and it was one of those that I could still wear even though I'm several sizes smaller now but just looking at it makes me sad because I wore it all the time when I was over weight and all I see is my pudgy self when I put it on so I got rid of it! Lol! Oh the games your mind plays on you!

  3. I am with you on flying! I love flying. Everyone calls me crazy but, i just love it. I'm not afraid of heights though & i can totally relate to getting bored with hair!! Your hair looks so good short! i could never pull that off!1

    In our sea of love

  4. Okay..if you like hot chocolate, you need to go to Target and buy their Archer Farms Mint Hot Chocolate. It is SOOOOO good. I think it's my favorite hot chocolate that I've ever had.

  5. A BIG Rolll TIDE to you....we won we won!!!

    I always keep my toes painted, too. ALWAYS. Something about no polish on people's toes grosses me out. ;)