Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Five Things.....ok, maybe 6!

(Can't wait to get this mop CUT!!!)

1. First let me say, "ROLL TIDE, Y'all!" Yup. We are the BCS National Champions again. And I don't wanna hear "that wasn't even a game" or anything like that. The truth is we're the best and we OWNED LSU. 21-0! We're thrilled and proud and our boys are a class act! My sis and father in law came over to watch the game and we ordered pizza and wings. Papa John's had this awesome deal where if you ordered online you could get 50% off your entire order! So we ordered 20 wings and got home and they had sent us home with 40 wings! What?! Yeppers!

2. We said bye-bye to ballet yesterday. To honest I'm really sad. It nearly broke my heart to actually say we're done and we aren't going back. Yesterday was our first day back after the long holiday break. But the two dance classes before that we had meltdowns. Which is SO unlike Gianna. She's fine at school, fine at church, fine anywhere. And she's been fine at dance up until those past couple of times. She goes in happy and by the mid hour break she's in hysterical tears and hyperventilating. I've talked to the teacher and she says nothing happens Gianna just starts crying and keeps it up until she's so distraught. We even have a video monitor in the waiting room so we can watch and nothing happens, she just breaks down. I've talked and talked to her trying to figure out what's wrong? She'll give me feeble little excuses that I know aren't the issue...finally yesterday after another meltdown and us leaving half way through class I asked her if she was crying because she just doesn't want to do dance anymore. She looked really guilty for a moment then nodded. I was so bummed. Bummed that she couldn't just tell me to begin with and bummed that she's really done. I love dance and she did too and I was so excited she loved ballet so much....but I guess we are moving on. But here's a question. Yesterday I paid tuition for the whole month of January and we were there for 30 minutes of the hour long class yesterday. The month before (Dec.) I paid for a full month tuition but we were out on holiday for half the month. I should get my January tuition back, right? And what about the $20 deposit I put down for her costume? I mean, she won't be getting the costume now so I should get that back, right? I'm just wondering. I've never dealt with this kinda thing before I'm just wondering what I should "demand" back or just view as a loss.

3. This morning on the radio they were talking about the "perfect" man. Obviously no one is perfect but they did a poll on a bunch of women and the average woman rates her man 69% perfect. Then they listed the top five issues women have with their men. I can't remember them all but leaving the bathroom messy was one, spending too much time on sports, not liking any of their family members, being rude in public (farting, burping, etc.). And this is totally not to brag (ok, maybe it is!) but I can honestly say if I gave B a percentage on being "perfect" I'd say he's close to 85% at least. The top things most women have an issue with are not even an issue with us. In fact, I'm probably much farther from the "perfect" woman then he is from the "perfect" man! I guess I'm just extremely lucky!

4. So this past week I've been really pushing hard in my work out's. Working out usually around 70-75 minutes. I watched my eating really closely until Saturday night. :-( I just can't seem to stick with it like I want. So my "solution" to that problem is to just work out even harder and longer. I'm hoping that at some point I'll just work out more then I eat! Lol! I doubt that'll happen but I'm trying to get with it. I must say though, lately I just feel happier - and that always helps me lose. Stress really keeps the pounds on me and the past couple of months I've just felt tense and on edge but lately I'm feeling much more relaxed and happy so I'm hoping that translates on the scales as well!

5. I've got a "Girl's Night" out planned at the end of the month and I'm totally thrilled! I've recently kinda made a new online friend and we're going to get to meet at the end of the month. It's actually my husband's ex-girlfriend and I know it sounds strange to even me. Especially because I've kinda had a hard time with the idea of her for a LONG time. She was the only other girl he dated besides me and they lived together for awhile and I just had a hard time with it all. But several months ago we started talking on Facebook and I've started to really like her - she's funny, outgoing, and we have a lot in common. It's a bummer she lives an hour and a half away but we're planning to meet up at the end of the month and have some fun girl time! I'm so excited! Really looking forward to it.....

6. I hate to beg, and I'm a horrible sales person because I hate feeling like I'm "pushing" people to buy something but I really really need some sales in my Etsy shop. I'd like to clear out what's in there before I start adding new stuff.....would you guys check it out? Maybe even make my day and make a purchase?!!!! And maybe pass along my shop link?! Thank you so much. This is my only way of making "extra" money and that's not very extra right now. So every little bit helps! Click HERE to go check out my shop!


  1. if you have a 150x150 button of your etsy shop, i will happily add it to my 'sponsors' sidebar.

  2. Thank you, dearie! I have that button up there on my side panel but I have no idea how big it is or where it is! Haha! Someone made it for me and told me how to put it up! Lol!

  3. OH! I am so sorry about the end of dance. :( Maybe she is just going through a phase and will want to start back up next year? I remember when I was her age I cried through every class, too. I HATED dance...then a couple years later I loved it again. ;)

    & a big ROLL TIDE to you. What a game!! :D

  4. Yeah, I'm bummed too, Ashley, but I'm hoping after we move and she's a little older she'll want to start again. And yes, WHAT a game!!! So exciting!!