Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is it Monday or Tuesday?!

It's sorta one of those mornings. Like not terribly bad but I'm just "off". And that's probably for a combination of reasons - you know that "lady reason", and I woke up in the night with an extremely sore throat and a stopped up nose....not to mention, B and I switched vehicles yesterday, I brought his back with over half a tank of gas. He brought mine back with barely enough for me to get Gi to school and I'm just PRAYING there is enough to get me the 10 miles into town to the nearest gas station. I am paranoid about running out of gas. It's my worse nightmare. And sadly, if I do run out of gas on the way into town I have pretty much NO one I can call to come help me. Lovely, huh?! I'm just begging God to get me there, begging.

Gianna is sick - bless her heart. I feel like since she's started school she barely has a week or two in between being sick again. This time it's a sore throat, crazy runny nose and I'm sure at some point it will turn into a hideous cough. She went to the dr. on Friday for a check up and she's 39 1/2 inches tall (10%) and 32 1/2 lbs. (15%). We've been trying the lactose free thing up until today and because I don't have the mountains of paperwork filled out from the dr. the school won't stop giving her gallons (slight exaggeration) of milk every day so I've told her to drink as little as possible today and she said "how much is a little?!" Lol! But she hasn't complained of tummy aches or anything for three days so that's a good start. I'm going to see how things go after she starts back drinking milk at school.

Yesterday Gianna and I made the hour and a half drive to visit a new friend of mine. We've been talking online via FB for awhile. It's someone my hubby has known for awhile so don't fear that I'm talking and going to visit some perfect stranger! She has three kids all around Gianna's age and we had a really good time! The day seemed to go by so fast and I'm really looking forward to the girl's night out we have planned at the end of the month!

Getting my hair cut Monday and I'm SO excited! I'm truly just over my hair at this point, it's so boring and I'm just ready for some spice! So yeah, I can't wait....Monday can't get here soon enough.

Gianna's had like three days out of school this month but they've all kinda been around the same time so it seems like a lot. I had to take her out of school Fri for her dr.'s appt., she was out of school yesterday, she's going to be out school Friday and Monday too.

So that was the most random post but I thought I'd catch you up a little!


  1. i am always paranoid about running out of gas too. sometimes i think peppy intentionally uses all my gas just to try and freak me out. :)

  2. Yeah, B loves to let our Jeep get to the point where its "beeps" and our gas light comes on. I'm a nervous wreck after that thing beeps. But my vehicle (the one on empty) the gas gauge doesn't work so you have to calculate the gallons of gas by 15 mpg and so I honestly don't truly know how much or how little is in there! Lol!

  3. I love getting a good hair trim! And I hope your girl gets better soon!

  4. Hope your little girl gets better!

  5. Thanks, Lay, she's feeling a little better. I have her on an antibiotic so hopefully that'll kick it out. And Kendra, I usually get a trim but this time I'm getting it chopped! I've been growing it out for about 8 months and I'm just bored with it and ready for something different!