Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh so truthful!

Kids are so darn truthful....well, most of the time. They usually choose to tell the truth
about things you wish they'd fudge on a bit more! Lol!

The other day Gianna and I were looking at old photos. She found one of me when I was about
sixteen years old. I had recently gotten hair extensions (only did that once, they looked great but felt horrible!) and my mom had taken some photos of me.
Gianna grabbed one and said, "Look how skinny you were!!! Oh, and I like what you did with your hair." Lol! Geez, kid, way to boost my self esteem!

We were sitting in the floor yesterday and I usually wait and shower after I work out in the afternoon. Being from a Lebanese background I tend to have fast growing hair so I shave my legs daily......Gianna rubbed my leg and snatched her hand back and said, "Gosh, it scratched me!"

While working out one night Gianna was working out "with" me, we were taking a break and I said, "Next we are going to work our butts!" And she promptly flopped in the floor and said, 'I quit." Lol!
Then she asked me, "Why do you work out?" I said, "Well, because we want to be fit and thin." to which she replied "You already are!" (good one!) then I said, "You work out to stay that way." She said, "Old people don't work out..." I said, "Some do." and she said "Grandma doesn't cause she's already fat, well, fluffy" (Note: Her Grandma constantly tells Gianna that's she fluffy not fat! Haha!)

Good Lord, kid.


  1. gage once rubbed my hairy leg and told me he liked it because it felt like an animal. :-/

  2. ha ha ha ha...all those things your cutey said had my laughing out loud! She's precious!
    ♥ Kyna