Sunday, January 29, 2012

Girls Night Out! (Pics)

Yesterday was my Girls Day/Night out! I've been looking forward to that for like a month....I got up at like 6am and got ready and left by 7:15am to make the hour and a half trip into SC to pick up my friend/buddy/FB bestie! We talk every day on FB and/or text, we met once a couple of weeks ago when Gi and I went down there to meet her and her kids. And we've hit it off really well. Some people find it extremely strange because she is my husband's ex-gf. His only ex! Lol! But my husband is an excellent judge of character and people and he really thought we'd like each other and sure enough, he was right!

We stopped by Starbucks to start the morning off right and had drinks and cheese danishes. Then went by the practically empty mall (apparently people don't go to the mall at 10am! lol!) and got her some new earrings and met this crazy guy working at Claire's who had just had vampire bite marks tattooed on his next the day before. Only they weren't done well and they looks like to giant black moles on his collar bone! We had a really hard time keeping a straight face when he showed us.....he said it was a spur of the moment decision. Mmm, hmm. After that we head back to the house - B was glad to see Holly again, it's been like 7 year since they last saw each other. I gave her a hair cut and we made, well tried to make, some cake pops. Those things are WAY harder than they look! After that we headed out to the tattoo shop.......

I went first and geez, it was way more painful than I remember! At first I was like there is no way I'm going to be able to get a second one tonight.....but my brain adjusted to the pain and I made it! (Like that face?! It was sincere.)

I had two done - he re-inked and prettied up my heart on my wrist. It was very badly done the first time and he really helped it a lot! Then I got an owl on my foot....

Holly getting ready for her first tattoo ever! I love being the one to take people for their first tats! Hopefully it'll be my hubby's turn next....

This was when he first got started. She made cute faces, I made hideous ones! Lol!

She laughed through most of it....the only time she started squirming was when he added the color at the very end.

Holly's tattoo - a breast cancer ribbon angel in honor of her mother who passed away....
So pretty and feminine and a very special meaning. A perfect first tattoo!

Before and After.......SO much better!

My little owl - love him! Named him Willard!

Love my ink!

It was such a fun day.....we ended it by eating pizza and reading crazy facts on Twitter from @UberFacts - we managed to stay up until 11:30pm. Yeah, we're old ladies/moms but we still try to be pretty darn cool!
Hols stayed the night and we took her half way to meet up with her boyfriend this morning.
I hated it had to end but we'll plan another one soon!


  1. Wow! That was a pretty COOL ladies night....tattoos?!!? Awesome. :)

    1. Yeah it was pretty awesome! I've had it planned for awhile and it was very much needed!!! It was good to get out with a girl friend again....