Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Sunday

After church today - just chilling in the Jeep waiting to go meet my dad for lunch!

Me and my incredibly handsome hubby. I'm so insanely lucky!

Gianna and her new feather/charm clip from her aunt!

Saying goodbye to this hair style, or lack of, tomorrow! Can NOT wait!

Me and my girly napping - we never nap but today called for one!

I've worn these ALL day. Best Christmas gift, and the most used for sure!


  1. Those slipper boot things look sooo comfy! Can't wait to see your new hair.

  2. those socks look awesome! can't wait to see the new hair. :)

    1. My slippers are amazing! Best Christmas gift I've gotten in awhile! Haha! And I'll post pictures of my hair this evening. This day has been nuts and I'm just now getting home at 5pm! Ugh!

  3. You guys are the CUTEST family ever. :) True story.

  4. You guys are SO cute!!

    Love her hair clip! I bet she loves it.