Tuesday, January 24, 2012



Obsessing over: My fitness. Nothing new. I just feel blah lately. I can't seem to really get the motivation to eat right all the time. The working out is no problem but I don't see results without sticking to a good diet plan for like 30 days or more.....

Working on: Being a better wife and mom. Trying to be more open and caring with husband, being more sympathetic and patient with my daughter. Trying to be a good friend and no "stress" over making friendships last or "work."

Thinking about: Gianna's recent fear and anxiety issues. She's always been brave and outgoing. I've never really had issues with leaving her anywhere. Especially once she hit like four. She was eager to go and visit and play. But recently she's started crying every time I take her and leave her somewhere even places she goes all the time like church and school. It's disappointing and frustrating especially since no matter how I try to coax her or encourage her she can't give me a reason for it.....

Anticipating: Girl's Day/Night Out on Saturday! Had it planned for almost a month now and my best buddy is coming down to hang out and spend the night and I'm beyond excited! This week can not be over fast enough!

Listening to: Hayley Westenra's Celtic Treasures. It's an older album and she has one that's more recent but I just started listening to Celtic Treasures on Spotify and I'm in love! I have her first two albums and I just find her vocals breath taking and soothing. This album is just as good as her others!

Eating: Currently just drinking water. Back to eating clean tomorrow. Fruits & veggies!

Wishing: That my best bud lived closer so we could hang out more often and not just send hundreds of texts! Lol!

How about you? What are you up to today?


  1. Fitness is constantly on my mind too lol. Is it a curse or not? I can never tell ;) Mmm fruits and veggies! Sounds tasty :D


  2. LOOK how cute your hair is!!!! I have been slacking on IG lately, and totally missed your haircut!

    I wish I could get motivated to be more fit. I HATE exercising. :(

    Maybe Gianna is just going through a phase...poor baby. :(

    BUT HOORAY for girl's night...that's always something wonderful to look forward to!