Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dear 2012

Dear 2012,
I'm doing my best not to put too many expectations on you. I tend to think each year that EVERYTHING I want in life is supposed to happen all in that year. And I'm trying to not put all the pressure on you and realize that maybe 2013 and 2014 can carry some of the burden too!
You will bring a lot of changes to us though. I can't believe that half way through you we'll be moving. Leaving this place behind. Don't worry, I'm very happy about it! I'm so glad my daughter won't have to grow up here. You'll bring her a new school and new teachers and new friends. You'll bring my husband more opportunities to make his dreams come true. You'll find me trying to get back into the swing of being a working girl. Wow.
You've brought my husband and I 11 years of being in love and you'll bring us 7 years of being married.
You'll bring my daughter's 5th birthday and I'll do my best to make her 2012 birthday party very memorable!
I'm nervous, yet excited, about you, 2012! I don't like the unknown but I'm going to trust that you will treat me and my family well!
You will be my fittest year to date - I plan to eat healthier and work out more than ever and be the hottest 25 almost 26 year old I can be!

So here's to you, 2012! You better be flippin' awesome!!!

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