Saturday, December 31, 2011

NYE '11

It's New Year's Eve and to be honest I've never been a big on celebrating too much. I don't really drink so partying is kinda out. We don't have any really good friends to hang out with or do anything fun with. I'm sorta an old lady and after like 10:30pm I'm practically asleep. So needless to say if I stay up on watch the ball drop on TV that's a big deal. But I've always been with family or at least my husband. I figured tonight would be the same. We went out with my sister earlier and had "dinner" and hit up the mall then headed home. On the way home B had an unexpected call from a family member that needed his immediate attention so he let my sister take Gigi and I home. Gigi and I were watching TV but she's been up since 6am and at 8pm she asked to please be put to bed. Seriously?! Lol. So she's in bed. And B is still not home. I thought about going to bed but I'm not tired so that would be here I am. Usually when I'm bored out of my mind I flip through channels and get on Pinterest. So that's what I'll do now. Lol! Yay for the New Year!

Also, have you checked out my "A Letter A Day" project? We are starting tomorrow and I'd love to know you are participating! You can go HERE or HERE to learn about the project. If you decide to join in leave me a comment and let me know!


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  1. we don't do anything on nye either. i think it's kind of overrated. thanks for reminding me about the letter a day project! i had forgotten, and i really want to do it. :)