Monday, December 12, 2011

10 Randoms

1. I'm so behind of this whole Christmas thing. I've bought 2 gifts. Yes, TWO. That's it. And I don't even have the motivation to go buy gifts for anyone. I hate buying gifts, not because I don't like giving, I love it but I have no idea what to get people especially on a very limited budget. It just gets annoying and I prefer to just not do anything except I feel obligated because people get me stuff. I'd rather us not get each other anything so we don't have to worry about it!

2. Gigi is sick. I feel like she's been sick none stop since she started school, it's just some times it's worse and then other times it settles a little bit. But she always has a sniffle or little cough or something. But now she's got a full blown chest cold and awful cough. I think we're going to skip dance today because she gets so emotional when she doesn't feel good. The least little thing will send her into fountains of tears. I was going to keep her home from school today but she didn't have a fever and she's already going to be missing a day this week.

3. We're headed to TN for our Christmas trip on Thursday after Gigi is out of school. I'm excited about it. Mainly just getting away and being in vacation mode. I'm hoping that all the unsettled feelings between various family members can be set aside at least for this occasion. I'm really excited about our cabin this year! It's gotten harder and harder to find a good cabin because we need so many rooms now. And it's like when you find enough rooms the actual living space is too small. But this time we've found the rooms and it's got a HUGE OPEN living space. And we got a great deal on it too. So I'm thrilled to see it in person!

4. My hubby has left Facebook. Yup. He's now one of those people who isn't on Facebook. It makes me sad and I don't know why. I liked leaving him sweet little messages on his Wall and tagging him in posts and pictures and now I can't do that. And now it just says I'm "married" not "married to Benjamin Carroll". He says he's going to get a Twitter and Instagram account soon. I hope he does.

5. I am seriously lacking the motivation to eat right lately. And I can totally tell. Even though I'm working out I still start slowly putting on a couple of pounds. I guess ever since Thanksgiving my brain has gone into Holiday/Christmas mode and I can't get myself to eat right. I just wanna eat sweets and junk.

6. I'm working hard to get my Etsy shop out there. I'm made two sales through the shop. I've sold most of my stuff through Facebook though. I just wish I could get things a little more consistent. It's like for a week I sell a good bit of stuff and then I may not sell anything else for a month or more. I was really hoping it would pick up a lot more than it has around Christmas.

7. I'm feeling up and down lately. I feel like there are so many things in my life making me SO happy right now. Gigi is such a sweet girl and for the most part is funny and well behaved & is really getting more and more independent which is nice. My husband is being the best he's ever been ( he's always been good but....), I feel like we are really in love and understanding each other better and better. But another part of me feels so unsettled and frustrated. I think I know what it is but it's something I just can't change or make happen at this moment but I want it SO bad. There is "reason" after "reason" why it can't happen and won't work and we just can't do it right now but I guess I just see it through more of an emotional eye then a logical one. So it really puts me in an up and down mood because I feel like I'm constantly fighting my own thoughts and feelings inside.

8. It's freaking me out that we have only 6 months (or less) to figure everything out about moving to Bama. I'm eager to know where we're going and how we're going to make it work. I'm nervous about finding a job that will work with the schedule I need and about Gigi starting a new school and having to learn new schedules, teachers and students all over again. But more than anything I'm looking forward to a SMALLER place. Yes! I know how crazy that sounds but I'm thrilled to be moving back into an apartment and having less to clean, less to keep up with and less furniture and stuff. I think my hubby's minimalist attitude is starting to rub off on me. Our power bills will be far less in an apartment then this big two story house. I'm sure there will be things I miss about having a lot of the room but for now I can't think of any! Not to mention being back in an actual city and not living in the middle of the country. SO EXCITED!

9. I've gotten where I hate watching movies at home. In fact there has been two movies lately that I've started and actually sent back without even finishing them because I just don't want to bother watching them. I love seeing movies at the movie theater but at home it just bores me. Even when I'm watching TV I'm doing something else or flipping the channels around.

10. I think I'm going to work on changing my handwriting. I do this every once in awhile. I find a font or handwriting I like and I start altering mine. I don't write often enough now and I can tell my handwriting is getting messy and I hate that. I love keeping it neat and pretty. I focused a lot of time on handwriting in high school. I write a lot like my mom who has really neat handwriting. But I recently found a font I'm obsessed with and I want to teach myself to write like that - so I'll do some practicing over the weekend while we're chillin' at the cabin!


  1. i haven't bought many christmas presents either. just stuff for the boys. peppy and i aren't exchanging gifts this year either because of our budget.

  2. We aren't exchanging gifts either, same reason. I've bought one for Gianna and I have several I know I'm going to get but just haven't yet.