Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Confessional V.2

11. I really miss my hubby's earring. I know, it sounds stupid but I thought it was so hot. He had to take it out when he worked at Outback and it started growing back and he's never gotten it re-pierced. *sad face*

12. My first kiss was in the basement of my then boyfriend's grandparent's house and we hit teeth. No joke. It wasn't pretty! Lol!

13. When I was about 7 or 8 I was helping my dad sharpen his pocket knife collection and he stopped to take a phone call. I was opening some of them up and even though I KNEW proper knife protocol and I knew not to touch the blades - I went to open one and it wouldn't open all the way so I put my thumb on the blade and pushed.....yup, popped my thumb right open! Blood everywhere! I should have had stitches but we didn't have insurance (and I was terrified of the doctor anyway) so they just wrapped it up really good to keep me from bleeding to death and I finally healed up!

14. When Gianna was born she was way too tiny for the little newborn outfit I had brought to bring her home in so my mom and sisters went a bought a few preemie outfits for me to choose from. One was a super ruffly dress that my mom wanted her to wear - I remember flipping out and saying (in a totally irrational manner) that she would suffocate to death in it! Lol!

15. If it wasn't for Benjamin I'd probably still be listening to nothing but Pop music and totally missing out on the amazing world of Indie/Rock music!

16. I grew up eating nothing but Breyer's ice cream and thought it was THE best of the best. Up until recently and now I'm a Blue Bell girl, another great thing my hubby introduced me to!

17. I have a large mole, or more nicely known as a "beauty mark", on my left cheek. I'll admit, I love it! But it didn't show up until I was 10 or 11 years old. If you go back and look at photos of me up until that point it wasn't there, at all. But I don't remember the day it "showed up" either!

18. I have this bad habit of standing on the sides of my feet, the outsides. I turn my feet out and balance on the sides. I've been doing it since I can remember and now it's resulted in an extremely strained left ankle, the pain in it reminds me not to stand that way whenever I start to.

19. I'm obsessed with tattoos. People that have lots of them really mesmerize me. I would totally have LOTS more if it weren't for the fact that a good tattoo artist costs a good deal of money. My next one is going to cost $250 and that may not seem like a lot but it IS! Lol! I'm DYING for the day my hubby actually gets one, I may faint from how hot I think it is!

20. Taco Bell is my favorite fast food but we eat it every Sunday now so I skip it any other time. But McDonald's still have THE best fries and Burger King has the best burger. If I could blend them together I would!


  1. Great confessions! I'm a newish follower, so it's fun to get to you know better!
    I LOVE tattoos too!! My hubby has a bunch, and I want him to get more... but they are soooo $$! :S One sleeve cost about $2500!! (it took him a while to complete it! lol)
    And your nose piercing is super cute! I've been wanting one forever, and I finally did it a couple weeks ago! I'm obsessed with them now! lol!
    Have a great week!

  2. Ha ha ha, you sound like me when it comes to knives, I can manage to mangle myself in the most spectacular of fashions!

    And I looooove tattoos. I have four currently, with the large back piece partially complete. I mean, it's complete enough that it looks fine all on its own, but I want/need more for it to feel complete to me.

    You should link your post up with me, since I finally got mine up today (I was slacking!):

  3. before gage was born my mom told me that babies were much bigger than newborn sized clothing, so she bought him a bunch of 3 month stuff. he only weighed 6.15, so everything swallowed him whole!

  4. I'm totally with ya-if I could have McD's fries, a Bk burger and a Wendy's Frosty, I'd be a happy girl haha

    I started my confessions yesterday-it's harder than I thought to come up with them!