Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Confessional V.3

21. Growing up I wasn't allowed to wear pants to church, ever. So now I sorta have this thing against wearing a dress to church! Lol! I guess it's a small rebellion. I don't really think about it but I find myself skipping a dress unless it's Easter!

22. My child looks nothing like. She may have my eye shape but that's overlooked most of the time. She looks more like my husband and a little like my sister. Most of the time when I'm out with Gi and my sister people will compliment my sister on her beautiful child and how she looks just like her! Lol! I always wondered if we would have had a second child if it would have gotten my dark hair and skin.

23. I'm terrified of heights - I panic and literally feel paralyzed. Last year my family rode the big Sky Tram up to Ober Gatlinburg in TN. It's basically a big glass cage a million feet up in the air on a little cable. And it swings and bumps around. I thought I was going to die - either the cable was going to break or I was just going to have a flippin' heart attack. I kept my eyes closed and just tried to breathe for the horribly long 20 minute ride.

24. Our Persian cat was a rescue. We got him right after we got married. I wanted a pet and B didn't but we went by Petsmart anyway and saw Gandalf. And after B realized he was already named after a Lord of the Rings character the deal was sealed! He ended up standing in line for him that evening. He was like 7 years old then so Oct. 1st of this year he turned the big 13! We have an old cat. lol!

25. B and I were married in the courthouse in Huntsville, AL. We of course wanted a wedding but my family wasn't really supportive of me marrying B or getting married at 18. So we started planning a small chapel wedding and I put $100 down on a beautiful dress. Then that wasn't working out either so we scratched it all and went to the courthouse and got married August 5th, two days after my parents anniversary (little side not - my parents, Beej and I and my sis and her husband were all married in August. And it wasn't really planned that way either.) So far neither my sis nor I had a real wedding. She was married on the beach - just her, her hubby, the minister and a photographer. My other sis I'm pretty sure will never get married.

26. My favorite cereal is Life cereal. Occasionally when I want a super sweet cereal I like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I also like Frosted mini wheats but I can't just pour them into my bowl, I have to set each one frosted side up in the bowl!

27. I've never broken a bone. I've had a couple of pretty nasty cuts and I busted my nose open when I was a like 7 or 8. I was riding my bike down a wet, muddy, graveled hill and I was going to fast so I slammed on my brakes and flew over the front and busted my nose open on the front tire. I think I may have broken it then because now my nose is crooked but it was never proven broken!

28. My dream job would be naming people's kids. No joke! I love names, I love researching names origins and meanings, etc. I think a lot of people (no all) really don't put enough effort into finding a name for their child. They go with whatever they've heard recently.

29. I studied Cosmetology after highschool. I was licensed and worked as as a stylist for a year before we moved back to NC, I got pregnant and haven't been back to work since!

30. I used to eat my steaks well done. Then I met my husband and he taught me the right way to eat a steak and I can't believe all the years I missed out on eating a steak in it's best, juiciest form. I worked my way up to Medium and recently went to medium rare. YUM!

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