Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sunday Confessional V.4

31. We lived in our last place, an apartment, from Dec. '07 to Aug. 2010. So almost three full years and I NEVER used the dishwasher it had! Lol! Now I'm in a house that doesn't have one so I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything.

32. I am the oldest of five children. There is me (25), Charity (22), DeeAnna (almost 19), Kenneth (15) and Matthew (11). Of us girls I am the shortest at 5 feet tall, Charity is 5'8 and D is 5'6. I got the short gene. I think even Matthew will be taller than me pretty soon!

33. I grew up in a tiny little nothing town called Valhermoso Springs. The other side of the main road was Lacey Springs and that's no joke. You could go barefoot to the gas station and no one thought twice about it! And we lived in a trailer. A nice trailer but a trailer none the less. My parents were in the ministry and lived in "staff housing". I loved it. Rode my bike up and down our dirt roads and had loads of pets. I'm surprised I have any class though! Haha!

34. Growing up my dad would take me fishing occasionally at a local pond. Before we'd go we would go to the local gas station and get crickets and minnows. He'd also buy me a chocolate moon pie and a can of RC Cola. Good times! Those two items together still make me feel like a little girl again.

35. My first "official" pet that was all mine was a little orange and white tabby cat I picked out myself and named Wendy after the girl in Peter Pan because it was my favorite movie growing up. It was that or Tiger Lily.....I went with Wendy. And that cat had at least two litters of kittens every year and would have like 10 at a time. Cuh-razy!!!

36. I am, to this day, scared of any kind of dressed up character. You know like Chuck E Cheese? Terrified. As a child two of my cousins had their birthday parties there for years. I was forced to go twice a year for 3 or 4 years. I would literally get sick to my stomach I'd get so scared. When Chuck E. would come out to greet the kids I would freeze and have to fight tears. I hated it so much.

37. I'm totally addicted to shoes. I can't go to a store that has a shoe section without going to at least look. Before I had a child I spent a LOT of my paycheck on new shoes. Once a week or so I'd get a new pair of shoes. Nothing expensive, I have rarely ever spent more then $20 on a pair of shoes. But I do miss getting to buy stuff like I'm trying to pass my shoe addiction on to my daughter! Lol!

38. If I have something really important to say or something I feel like someone might dislike me or be upset with me for I write it. I can't actually say it. I fall into a mess of blubbery tears and can't force myself to get it out. It started when I had to deal with my parents, I'd feel like anything I had to say that didn't exactly line up with what they wanted to hear that they'd hate me or I'd get in trouble so I'd either not say anything, say what they wanted to hear or if I got really brave I'd write them a letter and say how I felt. Even now it's much easier for me to blog or write my true thoughts and feelings in a letter. For some reason I feel like that gives me some sort of "buffer".

39. I still pick out baby names even though I'll probably never have another child to name! They change each year pretty much. I'll hear another name I fall in love with or think of. I had one name for about 2 years that I held on to for dear life then suddenly this year I heard a name I LOVED even more and now that's my "favorite" name! Lol! But with a name like Alaythea I was either going to love unique and interesting names or I was going to want the plainest most boring names around!

40. I can't eat most pork - surprisingly most of the time bacon and sausage don't bother me too bad but pork chops, pork roast, pulled pork or anything like that makes me really sick! It's something I inherited from my dad and one of my sisters is the same way. We don't know what causes it exactly but the results are far from pleasant!

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