Monday, December 5, 2011

What's your love language?

Today Casey talked about love languages on her blog. And it got me thinking about love and how it's expressed. You can go HERE and take the 5 love language assessment test. I think I've taken it before when my parents went through a 5 Love Languages course. They have one for children as well as adults. I took the test this morning and I think it was pretty right on. Obviously the language with the highest score is your love language. I actually scored 9's on 3 languages. And I would put them in this order - not 1,2,3 but 1a.,1b.,and 1c.! Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch and Quality Time.

For me, words means a lot. This was their "definition" for Words of Affirmation and those who have that as their love language.

"Actions don't always speak louder than words. If this is your love language unsolicited compliments mean the world to you. Hearing the words, "I love you", are important. Hearing the reasons behind that love sends your spirits skyward. Insults can leave you shattered and are not easily forgotten."

I love hearing that B say he loves me and more then anything I like hearing WHY he loves me. I love to hear encouragement from him. And after that his touch is very very important me. It fixes things for me. I can be upset and just him wanting to hug me or give me a kiss makes things so much better in an instant. Quality time is another love language for me - getting time alone with him is so exciting for me - just talking and enjoying each other's presence.

I'm eager for B to take the assessment test so I can find out more clearly what his love language is. Because I want him to feel loved and just because I have a certain way I like love to be expressed to me doesn't mean it's the same for him and sometimes I honestly forget that. I want to make sure I'm doing the best I can to express love to him the way he needs it.

I also want to help Gi take the children's test too. She's not quite 5 but fairly close and I'd like to hear her answers. From my point of view I would think that Words of Affirmation and Quality time would be Gi's love languages. She absolutely lights up when you praise her and she seems to seek hearing that's she does well or that she looks pretty or that you care about her. And of course spending time with her too - I think she shares such a bond with B because he takes the time to play with her and be silly with her. Something I sometimes struggle with.

I want to get better at loving both B and Gigi better. I want them more then anything to know HOW much I love them. I feel so inadequate as expressing how much my heart loves them and how much they mean to me. I fail at it so many times I know but I want to learn all I can so that I'm better equipped to love them better.

I can honestly say that I think, whether he realizes it or not, B has really been using my love languages more lately to show me how much he loves me and I couldn't be happier with our relationship right now and I couldn't be happier or more in love with him!

So what's your love language?

*** Update on love hubby took the assessment and luckily we scored about the same. Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch seem to be very important to both of us! It's hard when your love languages are opposite because you really have to push yourself past your comfort zone to meet the other's needs.


  1. I scored a 12 on receiving gifts, with acts of service following up at 8. I scored a 1 on physical touch, which happens to be the top score for Rudy. Yikes.

  2. Oh that's hard when your love languages are opposites! I'm afraid my hubby's will be Acts of Service which would probably be last on my list! Lol! That and receiving gifts are not that big for me. I'm dying to see what my hubby's is!

  3. I just took this yesterday! hehe
    I got physical touch as #1 and quality time as #2... my love got quality time as #1 and physical touch as #2.
    Funny how things work out huh ;)

  4. That's great, Mariel! My husband and I both scored high on Words of Affirmation and quality time with physical touch close behind. He got a much higher school on Acts of Kindness and that's like a very very low on my list! But it makes it easier to respond to your special someone when you understand their love language!