Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vloggin' Vednesdays!



  1. Your accent is SO CUTE I totally love it!

  2. Lol! Thanks! I work so hard to not have a Southern accent but I'm afraid it creeps in no matter how much I work against it. Plus I think it comes out more when I get nervous and I'm always nervous vlogging!

  3. You sound just like I thought you would. ;) YOU ARE A CUTIE, friend. Love the vlog. Keep it UP! xo

  4. It's definitely hard making your own gifts for people. If you can think of something that they would REALLY like, and can make it well, then I say do it. Like for example, I LOVE coffee and I love coffee mugs. There's a store out here called Color Me Mine where you can paint your own thing...and if someone were to paint a mug for me in their own special way, I would LOVE that.

    I'm like you when it comes to wanting to get something for someone that they actually need like the laptop or the car. I do that with my boyfriend ALL THE TIME. Something will either happen to his car or something else and I will want to buy it for him to help him out because I love him. But giving is also one of my love languages...and I love it.

    a little kasey love