Saturday, December 10, 2011

Help is needed!

I know it's the holidays and every one is bit strapped for cash - we find ourselves in that boat quite often. Right now I haven't been able to find a job and we are living on one income. For the time being I am doing my best to get my shop, Pretty Nods, up and going well. I sold some items but my Etsy shop hasn't done as well as I hoped it would.

I really need to get $150 worth of my items sold by Thursday. I know it sounds like a lot but if I had 15 people make a $10 purchase I'd be at my goal!!! So as you are shopping around for gifts for your family and friends and co-workers please take a peek in my shop. You'll be helping me out so much and you'll be getting a great item in return! I'm offering a 10% discount for this week as well. Use the coupon code CHRISTMAS10

Thank you and please pass on the word!


  1. Hey hun, unfortunately I too am also struggling to find a job but I would be more than happy to place a link to your shop on my blog for free until the end of January. You don't even need to link me back. :)

    Good luck this holiday season!

    Felicity. x

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