Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today is Day 4 of P90X for me - and that means Yoga X! Yikes. It's killer for sure.....mainly because it's an hour and a half long! I am usually pushing my attention span after an hour but by the time you feel like you should be done with this you are only 2/3 the way done! But you do feel good once it's over, it stretches you out and it helps a lot with being sore which I am right now. Not nearly as bad as it was the first time I did P90X but I'm still sore which is good, it means I'm working hard. I think it's good for me to switch between P90X and Insanity - P90X helps me build up the muscle tone I need to stay fit and keeping burning the fat but Insanity is the cardio I need to get that last little bit off. So going back and forth seems to work good for me. I do want to get Turbo Fire, still do.....I think it will be good although Chalene does get on my nerves a bit - she's a little too showy and giddy but she's good. Tony and Shaun T. are my faves of course!

So far I've done very well sticking with my eating plan, keeping it to about 1500 calories a day for now, yesterday I had probably closer to 1800 but I wasn't too worried. I went to Jason's Deli in Charlotte last night with my dad, sis, bro in law and Bug. W e went to celebrate my dad's b-day which is today. I went ahead and looked up what I was going to get before hand. I decided on the Club Lite sandwich and baked chips which was just over 500 calories. I got Bug the organic PB&J on wheat which I did eat a little of so I tacked on a few extra hundred calories. BUT I did resist getting anything at Starbucks! So I was proud in the end - because I LOVE Starbucks Mocha's and it would have been perfect last night, all chilly and rainy. I knew I would feel so guilty if I gave it and had one so I resisted!!!! And I went home happy and proud of myself!

So I'm doing the SlimFast plan which included two meal shakes a day which I have for breakfast and lunch, then you have two snacks - one mid morning and one mid afternoon - then a sensible dinner. My mid afternoon snack I do a Slimfast snack bar and a piece of fruit but my mid morning snack has become a favorite of mine! A piece of fruit and two boiled egg whites with hot sauce!!!!

SOOOOO yummy! And good for you! I don't like boiled egg yolks at all, I only eat the whole egg if I scrabble it but when it's boiled I like to whites only. And dipped in a little hot sauce they are too yummy! I haven't looked up the calorie content but I know two whole eggs has 96 calories and that most of the calories are in the yolks so I feel good eating them and ENJOYING them! Lol!

Today it's over cast and rainy outside - so I don't know that we'll get our outdoor time but we are going to work on a little "school" work this afternoon. Bug got a new book to help her learn how to cut shapes, she also got a little pair of scissors perfect for her size! She's already cut a little swatch of hair of Gandalf and got in some trouble for that. I told her if she EVER cuts her own hair off there is going to be some SERIOUS discipline going on. I think I would die if she messed up with little hair she has! Lol! But today we are moving on to numbers 3 & 4 and the letter B - although she can count to twenty and knows the alphabet we are working on recognizing the number and it's written word form and we are working on letters sounds now. I'm hoping that she'll know all her letter sounds by the time she start Pre-K and will well on her way to reading if not already there!

So have a happy day, peeps, I'm off to X it!!!

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