Monday, November 29, 2010

Whirling Through!

So it begins. Another week. I'm not one of those "I hate Monday's" kinda people. Even when I worked and went to school. I've always kinda liked the routine I'm usually in. Weekends are great, don't get me wrong! I love being with my hubby and sweet girlie on the weekends. This past weekend was amazing as you can read about here! But weekends are always hard for me to stick to eating right, I skipped out on two workouts this past week. Once mid week because I had to be in town SO early in the morning and by the time I got home I just didn't want to do it (I've told you before I HAVE to work out in the mornings!) and then Saturday morning because some of my family was in town and I just wanted to hang out and be lazy! But I'm back! Ready for the week ahead....I'm still doing P90X. I had my "rest" week last week so the work out routine was a little different. I do miss Insanity but I do like the weight sessions that P90X includes. It just takes SO much effort to lose truly does! I was talking to someone recently who was saying they were upset because they were gaining weight. And I told them that it takes a lot of concentration and work to lose weight - working out hard, watching calories, making sure you balance what you are eating (Because you can easily eat 1500-1700 calories worth of crap!) and just making sure overall you are balancing eating right and working out hard enough. I know at this point I really need to boost my work outs - longer and harder but I just can't seem to do it. I'm "stuck" in the routine of an hour to an hour and 15 minutes, 6 days a week. I started trying to add some brisk walking a few times a week too but got out of that habit when we had some rainy days back to back. Plus I surrendered my "new" iPod to my hubby because his broke. *sigh* He does need it more then me but it seems like every time I get one his goes out of commission! Guess I'll have to go back to my little Shuffle....I hate it because it doesn't have a screen and I just have to flip through songs till I find what I want.

So moving on - I'm making mental Christmas lists! I haven't started buying anything. I'm usually kinda "last minute" on purchasing gifts. It just works best for me, I guess. I'm still kinda unsure about what to get Bug - I do know her great grandmother is getting her very first pair of Toms shoes and I couldn't be more excited! I showed them to her awhile back online and she was thrilled to have "shoes like Mommy's"!!! But other then that it's all up in the air! I love to get gifts for Bug but I always want to make sure she doesn't get too much - I know people who just go crazy overboard when it comes to gifts, "Nothing is good enough for our kid" kinda thing. Bug deserves the world but I don't want her to become spoiled and ugly. I've dealt with way too many of those kinda kids! I mainly want books and music from my hubby - we usually exchange that kind of thing. We like it because we both like the same kind of music and books so whatever we get each other we usually end up getting to share! We are going to be home for Christmas this year - we talked briefly about going to Bama for Christmas Day but really decided we wanted to be in our home on Christmas morning. I think it's important for us and Bug to really have our own time together on that day.

I'm already thinking about Bug's 4th birthday! She has been very insistent on one theme - I keep trying to sway her but nope, she has it set in her mind already! And it's not my favorite idea but I know she loves it so that makes it special. This is the first year she's really had the decision making reigns in her hands. Last year she was good with what I suggested. The two years before that she really didn't care and just enjoyed the party! This coming year I think will be a smaller, strictly family gathering. We've had some "friends" at previous parties and that's fine but this year I think we'll just keep it mainly to family. I can't believe it's only 4 months away! I know, we aren't even past Christmas yet but Bug's birthday is practically a holiday in my mind! I think we are going to serve Bar-b-que from my hubby's boss' Bar-b-que stand. It's uber yummy!!!

Ok, so I'll just have to admit this really quick and then I'm off to work out - I think I'm getting excited about summer already! Lol! I know, you've probably never heard me say that! But this year we are living at a house with a pool so that means all we have to do is walk out our back door and go swimming and lay out! Woohoo! And that means Beej will actually get to spend some time at the pool with us because usually after work he wouldn't want to drive out to my parents to go swimming but now it's OUR pool! But for the moment I'm enjoying Fall/Winter but I am looking forward to summer time next year!

This has been a random blog brought to you by the mind of Alaythea! Lol! Enjoy your day, week, month, etc. Christmas will be in your face before you know it!!!

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