Sunday, November 7, 2010

Frosty Morning

It officially frosted over last night! The grass is all bright and frosty this may have frosted before now but I don't remember it if it did. Plus the time switch over last night too so it will be getting darker earlier now and that is the ONE thing I dislike about Fall and Winter. I hate it getting dark at like 5pm. But I'm excited that it's finally getting cold enough to wear boots, sweaters and coats and actually need them! I pulled out stockings, boots and a beautiful sweater dress for Bug to wear to church this morning, I love dressing her up and fixing her hair, it's like having a live doll to play with! Lol!

No big plans today after church, we'll probably grab some lunch and then come home and hopefully start working on the production of my next song. I'm excited to work on it, it was the first song I wrote after I start learning to play piano so it's my first official piano song! It's pretty simple but I like it a lot and Beej likes it a lot too so it's always fun to work on a song that both "artist" and producer like. I know I have one song that I really love but Beej doesn't care for as much - at first that really bothered me but I realized that he wasn't saying it wasn't any good he was just saying it wasn't his favorite. He has songs like that for me but I know he still loves them and is proud of them so I'm doing the same - just being proud of what I write, or trying at least!

I'm pretty excited about the holidays fast approaching, we've got to start buying Christmas presents. Deciding what to get everyone is always a bit of a challenge. Shopping for Bug is still so much fun because she just loves anything you get her -I hope that we can teach her to maintain that attitude even as she gets older. I think a few things on my "wish" list are LOTS of iTunes cards because I have a lot of music I want to buy, some new Toms shoes because I love them so, and maybe New Moon and Eclipse on DVD and Breaking Dawn the book too. And possibly a few new clothing items! Can't go wrong with clothes!!!

It's getting close to the time when I pull out all the Christmas decorations - this will be our first Christmas in the new house so I'm not sure how I'll decorate. Trying to decide where to put the tree already......I think I may need to buy a few more decorating items because we have more room and more space to decorate now!!!! I LOVE the Holidays!!!

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