Sunday, November 28, 2010

So Thankful for a Wonderful Weekend!

We had such a wonderful weekend! I hate that it's over but the great thing is we now have Christmas to look forward to! But I already feel like the Holidays are flying past us. I feel like it's all half over and I haven't even really got to throughly enjoy it enough. I've been looking forward to Thanksgiving for a long time, planning and preparing since it was my first Thanksgiving doing the majority of cooking on my own. It was a little different since we weren't spending the holiday with most of my family but it was good. We ended up hanging out most of the day with my sister and my brother in law and my in laws. It was nice, relaxing and fun. My sis came over and helped me cook and we had fun together - the guys watched football and played video games till we had all the food ready. I'm very proud to say my turkey turned out amazing - tender and juicy! I was PROUD! Lol! That was my biggest worry, I had cooked everything else and knew I could do it. We ended up making Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, corn, pineapple casserole, rolls, fruit salad, apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie and oreo pie!!! It was yummy, for sure! I did miss my family of course but I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and it was fun to host it in my own home this year.

Friday my dad and my other little sister came up from AL. to visit for the rest of the weekend.Bug and I put up the Christmas tree and a few other decorations. We usually do it on Thanksgiving day but T-Day was just so busy by the time we stopped "going" I was exhausted! The BIG Bama vs. Auburn game was on that afternoon. It a HUGE deal for us Alabama fans. It's THE game we look forward to the most every year. We were nervous because Auburn has played very well this year. We've played well but had a few up's and down's that have made up nervous. We were all pumped, all dressed in our Bama gear.....leftover turkey sandwiches were on the menu and whatever leftovers were still in the house - LOTS of leftovers! We had a great start to the game by the half we were up 24-7! And somehow, after Half time, we lost it. We ended up losing 28-27. We were all sick to our stomachs. I still can't really believe we lost. Such a crap way to end our season.....UGH! But we didn't finish off the night so badly - my little sis was in town and I was SO excited! We ended up watching Charlie St.Cloud and soaking our feet in Peppermint Foot scrub which was lovely. The movie was OK but the time spent with my sis was wonderful.

Saturday we had a lazy morning, didn't rush getting up or getting ready. Ended up watching several episodes of Ice Road Truckers! Such an addicting show! But if was fun just hanging out in the living and laughing. After that we finally got ready and had D take our picture for Fall/Christmas. We've got to get Christmas cards out soon and needed a good recent picture. We ended up with some really cute ones! She also took pictures of my sis and bro in law and their two dogs. Then we all piled in Dad's car and headed out to Charlotte - just for the fun of it! We ate dinner at Razoo's Cajun restaurant which is always fun and super yummy. Walked around the mall for awhile, it was super duper busy but that can be fun in it's self. Bug got a couple of little books and I snagged a couple of cute headbands at Forever 21! I was looking for cool owl necklace but never spotted one.....I'll have to keep looking. Maybe I'll get one for Christmas! We finished off our outing with Starbucks - of course! Peppermint Mocha for me, SO good. Bug and Beej had Cream Cheese Pumpkin Spice muffins - I had a little taste and it was so yummy. Very moist and so holiday-ish! Went home and I helped get my parents ministry Christmas cards ready to go and we watched Karate Kid......I was sad to see the night go since I knew my dad and sis were heading back home this morning. I do miss them a lot and spending time with them is a lot of fun!

This morning Dad and D left for Bama and we headed off to church. Church was good....we hit up Taco Bell for lunch and then went by Wal-Mart. Got Bug's pic made with Santa Claus, it was free but I didn't like the way they had to it set up to pick up your photo so I don't know that we'll go get it or not. But I was proud that she walked right up to him, sat in his lap, smiled for her picture and then told him she wanted dolls for Christmas! Lol! Last year she cried every time we wanted her to get near him! She's growing up so fast - she keeps asking for a bike for Christmas but I'm just not sure she's ready for that. So I'm undecided on that one. Her only other request was a Spongebob Fishing set. What?!!! She's never even been fishing and I don't think either of us plan on going anytime soon. Lol! But it's the only other thing she has asked for over and I'm totally stumped on Christmas for her! Lol!

The rest of today we've spent just hanging out, chillin'. The house needs some help but I have decided to tackle it tomorrow. I'm going to just enjoy the rest of the weekend and leave it at that. I've done a little reading (re-reading Twilight. *sigh* It is THE best of the Saga.) and spent some time designing our Christmas card and watched a little TV. Yep, it's been a good afternoon! I hate to see this wonderful weekend go but I'm looking forward to Christmas and our time at the cabin in TN! Good times ahead, people! How was your Thanksgiving?!

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