Friday, November 12, 2010

30 Random Facts!

1. My middle name was my mother's best friend's middle name. So even though
it means "bitter" it's still special!

2. I love fashion although I'm not a very fashionable person.

3. I wish I could sew so that I could transform thrift store finds into something
special that would actually fit me well!

4. I hate rainy weather. It makes me feel lazy and lethargic. Not to mention
it's a huge pain to get out in and I always have to go somewhere
on rainy days!

5. I'm a shoe addict. I admit it! I could never have enough shoes and my
daughter can never have enough shoes! They just make everything better
and every outfit, no matter how old, seem like new!

6. Red is my favorite color although I rarely wear it. I stick to neutrals
like black, grey and brown.

7. I love being girly - there have never been ONE moment in life
where I wished I was a boy!

8. My toenails are always painted and I hate nothing more then when people
wear chipped nail polish with open toed shoes. If your nails are chipped,
wear closed toed shoes! Lol!

9. I was originally going to name my daughter, Eisley. Now that I adore that
band so much and see how crazy talented they are I wish I had stuck to that plan.

10. I love cats but I have sworn to never, ever have more then 2 at a time
I will not be seen as a "crazy cat lady"!

11. Sometimes I'm scared to truly believe in myself. Because
what if I fail and make a fool of myself?

12. I do not like hot dogs unless I get in the "mood" for them and
then suddenly, nothing tastes better!

13. I won't eat chicken sandwiches. One of my exes ruined them for me for life!

14. I love the beach but I wouldn't want to live there full time,
it would ruin the magic of visiting.

15. I love the cartoon Phineas and Ferb. I often make Bug watch it so that I can too!

16. I LOVE breakfast, it's the greatest meal of the day. I could eat it any
time of the day and be totally happy. One of my favorite breakfasts is
Cracker Barrel's French Toast with bacon and scrambled eggs!

17. I don't really like coffee but I love the smell and I love Mocha's from Starbucks.

18. I actually look forward to my daughter dating, I love young love!

19. It aggravates me that people try to make something out of nothing.

20. I do not tolerate people who lie to me or talk about me behind my back.
And I've learned, if they do it about someone else they are doing it
to you too.

21. I'm not possessive or obsessive. I figure if people want to leave
then God has something better for me!

22. I tend to hold onto things for sentimental reason although they have no
real value. Thank God I have a husband who brings me back
to reality and helps me keep my life cleaned out and cleared out!

23. I love music and I love writing a song but I'm not very confident in my abilities.

24. I'm SO happy I'm learning to play the piano, I love being able to sit down
and actually KNOW something about playing it. The sound is magical and
the feel of playing is so relaxing (most of the time!).

25. I love bonfire's and s'mores! They make me happy and bring back
warm memories.

26. Even though I come from a rather large family and I never wanted one of my
own, too much chaos. I like things a little more simple.

27. I was home schooled my entire life and no, I won't home school
my child. Not only do I not like to teach but I also don't
feel like I know everything that needs to be taught and nor could
I teach it well. Plus I hope that Bug will be involved in
things like cheerleading, track, etc.

28. Working out is one of my past times now. I like the way I feel
after I work out. Not to mention I like the way I feel when I get
dressed too!

29. I wish I loved eating healthier, it's still such a struggle for me.

30. I'm working on my very first EP! I hope everyone loves it.
It has a name but I'm not telling just yet!!!!


  1. I love the name Eisley and I also love that band! I got to see them live last month. They're voices are so harmonious.

    How cool that you're Ken's daughter and you found my blog! I'm pretty sure our dads are best buds! Haha- my family LOVES your family! I can't believe I've yet to meet any of you. I'm still in Pensacola while they all moved on to Charlotte. They are really happy there. I miss them so much!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to following your blog!

    Oh and I'm pretty sure my sisters are WAY more fashinable than I'll ever be. I try to copy their style as well ;)

    Thanks for the sweet compliment though!

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