Monday, November 22, 2010

Massive Migraines....

I felt fine unusual or out of the ordinary which is usually how it all starts. I don't even see it coming and then WHAM! it hits me. Last night my eyes were starting to feel a little tired around 7pm so I went and took my contacts out and got my glasses. After I did that I kept seeing a weird swirly line in the corner of my vision and it was making it difficult to focus. So I laid down on the couch for a minute with my eyes closed hoping it would pass but instead it kept building and suddenly, out of no where, it hit! Crazy migraine!!! I never get headaches.....unless I'm having sinus problems and then it's just that slight bothersome headache that goes away with a little medicine. These migraines aren't touched by medicine. It's pointless to take them. I've only have 3 or 4. After the first one I did a little research and talked to some people who I know have headache problems too. And well, as far as I can tell different things can cause them and there isn't much that can be done about them. They are known as Complex Migraines. Most people say stress triggers them. I think in my case it may be caused by dehydration or at least a lack of hydration. I have been uping my water in take over the past week but I still don't think it's enough. But these headaches are insane - they literally feel like my head it splitting in half. They make my ears hurt, my teeth hurt and my eyes feel like they are going to burst. Like I said no medicine, that I've tried so far, has touched them. Crying relieves it for a moment or two then it's back! The scariest and worst part of these migraines is numbness. The first time it happened and before I researched it scared me so bad I thought I might have a heart attack! For about 5-7 minutes my whole hand and arm on my right side goes numb, tingly, like it's falling asleep and then it slowly creeps up my arm, through my shoulder and into the side of my face and finally ends with my tongue and roof of my mouth going numb on the right side only. During that the headache eases up ALOT, but as soon as the numbness passes the headache comes back. Usually the only thing that helps is to go to bed and just wait for it to pass. I'm thankful that I don't have these often or close together. So far I've had about 4 over the past two years. I can't imagine being someone who deals with migraines often. I don't know how they function. I ended up in bed at 7:30pm trying to sleep it off. This morning I'm fine but I still feel kinda weak and shaky. From what I've researched lots of people have them and lots of them have been seen by a neuro and they are all told the same thing - just tough it out, nothing can be done. The numbness occurs because the brain becomes so overloaded by the intensity of the pain that it actually starts trying to shut off the body's nerve endings to provide it with some relief. So that's how my evening went down last night! No fun!

But moving on - we got everything for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday after church. At least I think I got everything! I keep double checking, I'm just so afraid I forgot something. So much pressure is on me! Lol! Luckily, my sis is going to come over and help me cook that day too so it won't ALL be on me. And my mother in law is going to cook up a few things to bring. I think it will all go smoothly and there will be loads of delicious food for everyone!

Church was good yesterday too - a very energetic and happy atmosphere. We had a visiting "celeb"! Lol! A good friend of the whole church, Jaye Thomas, brought his lovely wife-to-be and her daughter to visit. He was supposed to sing, he has an incredible voice, but his voice was gone from singing all weekend but he introduced everyone and it was so good to see them! We also spoke with a good "Facebook" friend of ours too - it's funny because we are on FB all the time and we sit across the row from each other every Sunday at church but rarely actually speak! It was nice to actually talk to her - she is always so upbeat and encouraging! It really will make your day just seeing her! Thank God for encouraging people!

Got to work out, clean up the work out room because we're putting a table in there to eat on at Thanksgiving, make a few phone calls and see what else the day holds!!!

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  1. Dr OZ said this morning to take the herbal supplement FEVERFEW for migraines. I think he said 12oo mg a day but please check Dr.Oz's website and click on today shows to make sure of the daily dosage