Friday, November 5, 2010


So the first "official" track for my upcoming EP is recorded. It sounds so odd saying that! I guess because I've talked about recording something for everyone to purchase and hear forever now but it's just never been done. Now that we are on track to actually complete a project with my name on it I'm quite excited! It has a name, it has the tentative tracks laid out although those could change over time, and it has a possible release date. All of that I'm keeping on the down low for now because they are subject to change and we need to get a few more things set in stone before we go announcing it to everyone! But I am excited and thrilled with the prospects. It's making me work even harder at piano because I want to be able to write and play some neat stuff. I'm growing and learning and have to be patient with myself. I've only been at this for a little over four months and I'm already pleased with how far I've come. I just know what I want to be able to play and do and I'm not there yet. I'm impatient, what can I say! Tonight Beej and I sat down at the piano and he started teaching me to play a song that he started writing for me that I'm hoping to help him finish for the EP. He is so talented on piano and it just makes me wither watching and listening to him play! He writes such neat and catchy pieces and they seem so complicated to my poor little mind.....but I'm trying and actually learned a few new chords this evening. He has neat little ways of helping me remember "rules" to playing with chords and figuring them out. I've got a couple of songs I'm really excited to hear produced and a couple I think if I can get them completed they'll be good too! I love hearing how Beej finalizes them, I tend not to be able to hear past the simplistic-ness of what I've written, and he hears the full blown band!!! I feel like he really does all the work......but I'm excited to actually be working on it and I can't wait for everyone to be able to hear it.

We've had a great day today - ran errands up in Hendersonville and decided on Atlanta Bread Co. for lunch again today. Mainly because Bug wanted "oranges" for lunch which was what she had there last time with her PB&J - mandarin orange slices. So we went back because it's so yummy and it's perfect on a nice, chilly day! We actually started making a fire in our wood stove last night because it's been getting pretty cold in the house at night especially, today it was cold all day pretty much. I love it! Breaking out the coats and boots....I'm still trying to find some little knit hats for Bug though. The few I've found are just ridiculously priced but they are just so cute I keep looking because Bug would be adorable in them!!! Anyway, got off subject, after that we ran by Wal-Mart to grab a few things - Bug tends to think the world has ended if chocolate milk and grapes don't exist in the house!!! Lol! She has recently decided she likes hot dogs with a bun - I know this sounds silly but it kinda makes me sad. No longer am I cutting up her hot dogs in little pieces but now she's eating it out of a bun, whole. *sniff sniff* After that we've just hung out at home all day.....

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