Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Monday.

Good morning, all my lovelies!
I hope you rested well last night. I know I did! My hubby had a nice fire going in
the stove and it made the house so pleasantly warm and cozy!
We stayed up pretty late, especially since we had the whole time change thing
yesterday - I think I was up till 11pm which is still midnight in my mind and body
and for those of you who know me, that's pretty late for me!
We started watching the movie Eagle Eye - we apparently saw it back when it first came out
but I don't remember it at all and Beej couldn't remember it much either so we
started watching it again. So far it was pretty awesome! But of course,
we didn't make it through the whole thing! Way too tired, so we'll try to finish it up later.
Thank goodness for Netflix, I think we've already had this movie for like two weeks!

We also started working on my second song yesterday. Beej has put a lot of time and effort
into the track and I always feel a little scared to lay vocals because it sounds
so nice without them! Lol! I'm struggling with my vocals ever since we started
recording a few days ago. I know I'm rusty and out of practice. I used to
sing so much between traveling with my dad, practice at home and singing
on the praise team at church. Now I rarely do any of those except sing at home
occasionally. I've got to start taking more time to work with my voice because
I feel like I'm pushing to make anything happen when I sing. My voice seems weak
and sketchy. I feel like I'm having a hard time holding my notes strong.
But I finally got the first verse vocals laid yesterday and I think I'm pretty good with
them. I'm eager to finish laying the rest of the vocals, maybe tonight.
I'm going to work today on really stretching and warming up my voice and hopefully
it will sound good tonight. I feel like my vocals are so plain compared to all
the vocalists I admire these days. They all have something very unique and
distinct about their voices, I feel mine is a bit "common."

So today starts my second week of P90X. I have had a couple of things here and there
over the weekend that weren't the best option but I ate a small amount and
didn't over splurge but I haven't had ANY sugar. That is something I have
decided not to splurge on at all. It seems to me that if I keep my portions
in check when it comes to having a splurge here and there I'm fine, but sugar
starts packing on the weight in a matter of days! So even if I do have a little something
I shouldn't I make sure it isn't sugar. I've resisted s'more, ice cream, Halloween candy
and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies this weekend! Yes, I feel proud! The cookies
were the hardest! They smelled and looked SO good! But I kept reminding myself
how crappy I'd feel if I gave in and had any. That seemed to work.
But it's amazing how eating right and putting a little extra work into the working out dept.
really does help! This past week I dropped two pounds and lost 3 inches total!
So I'm pretty pleased with that! I am going to keep adding walking in
at least four times a week. Just walking around the yard with my iPod has been fun.
Adding walking with weight training really does wonders!

I have spent a good deal of time at the piano this weekend, just trying to finish up some
songs for the EP. I just had a few simple little piano ditties to practice on piano because
my new book hadn't come in. And honestly, they haven't held my attention much!
I was kinda bored with them after the first day. I need something a little more
challenging. Hopefully next week I'll get something a little more interesting!
But I did finish up a song, at least I'm pretty sure it's finished! And I'm pleased with it,
and hopefully we'll get it recorded for the EP!

I'm off to work out, peeps! I hope that this Monday treats you well and that you
are happy and healthy.
We aren't totally healthy here at the Carroll house, Bug has been sick
for awhile and she can't seem to shake it. All stopped up and snotty. No fun.
I keep pumping her full of vitamins but it doesn't seem to be doing much.
This house is so different then our apartment. It's colder and drier. And this time of year
Bug always seems to get sick. I'm fighting a bit of a cold too. But hopefully
all the vitamins I take will help to keep me from getting really sick.

Be encouraged as well. It is so easy to be discouraged. Our pastor spoke on courage
and discouragement yesterday at church. It's funny because that very
afternoon after hearing that message I allowed myself to become very, very discouraged
and it took me awhile to shake it. But the whole time our pastors words were
echoing in my head! It took awhile but I finally shook it and moved on.
Don't let people's words, opinions or self doubt affect you.
Don't let discouragement attack your:

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  1. I'm really sorry that you're bored with your songs this week already! I was afraid that would happen...don't worry though I will be calling the music store this week and they had BETTER have the book in...or else! lol

    I cannot wait to hear both your and Beej's new EP projects! Hope your tracks get laid down and sung exactly the way that you DREAM they should! Much luck to you, girl!