Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wishin' it were Wednesday!

I kept thinking last night that today was Wednesday! I was so excited that there was only one more day until Thanksgiving but then I realized it was Tuesday today NOT Wednesday. Oh, well! I'm just so anxious for the fun and festivities to start! I'm going to miss my family this year, it's the first Thanksgiving I can remember that we weren't all together but I also think it's going to be very special this year too - I know my sis and bro-in-law couldn't make the trip down to Bama either so it's special getting to spend the Holiday with them and also to spend some time with my in-laws too. I know most of my hubby's family usually has other plans so it's kinda nice that this year we can include them in the fun!
Yesterday we also booked out Christmas cabin for next month. Every December right before Christmas my mom's side of the family rents a big cabin near the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area. We usually spend a weekend there - and it's just so fun! I love the tradition of it, the craziness of it and the fun! It's something I look forward to every year and we've been doing it since before I was married - now I'm married, I have a child, my aunt have two kids this year and my sister is married now. Our family is ever expanding it seems! Hopefully I'll be able to add a nephew or niece to that count in the next few years. Lol! But I think after that it might be awhile before we "grow" any more - no more kids for me, my aunt or my uncle, I don't think my sis 'D' will be getting married anytime soon unless she just shocks the pants off all of us!!! 'C' is only hope of expanding any time in the near future! Lol! I love family - as nutty as it can all be sometimes and as crazy as we make each other at other times I still wouldn't trade it or not have it for anything. But I can't wait to get our Christmas decor up this weekend too....we will probably put it up T-Day evening! I can't wait to crank up the tunes and get it all put it....it will be different this year because we are in a new house this year. I'm trying to figure out where to put the tree too. I know it will be fun with a kitten around too come Christmas Day but we won't have the stuff up much longer after she arrives. My mother in law is trying to talk me into two kittens but I have stood my ground on it! I will not have more then two cats at a time. We won't get another one until Gandalf passes and hopefully that won't be for a long while to come!

I'm working on Christmas carols on the piano right now. Luckily I have two weeks to work on these before my next lessons because they are a little harder then what I've been working on but I enjoy the challenge! It makes me feel so proud when I can finally play it through without mistakes or stumbling. I'm working on Hark, the Herald Angels Sing and Silent Night. I ended up charting out the note names because it was making my head hurt trying to "see" it all....but I'm getting ready to remove those at least from Hark! and see what I can do. I don't like to memorize the note names, I like to be able to recognize the note itself. I haven't even tackled Silent Night yet, I could only handle one at a time! Lol! Beej sat down last night and started teaching himself to play a song by The Killers. It's awesome, he's awesome and I'll just leave it at that!!! He has more talent in his little finger then I do in my entire body!!!

Well, I'm off to work out and to finish cleaning out the work out room....I tackled cleaning the blinds yesterday and that was enough for yesterday! I watched Twilight while I cleaned so it was a good day! Lol! I'm also re-reading Breaking Dawn right now and I just can't imagine it as a movie in my head. The characters "change" so much in this last one that it's hard for me to imagine the actors in their roles. I can't wait for Eclipse to come out on DVD so that I can watch it again, I haven't seen it since June!


  1. Don't count Gandalf out! He may come back as a white wizzer! LOL

  2. You asked for a challenge! ;) I am really looking forward to going out and buying a copy of Eclipse too....it's been sooo long since we saw it!