Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winner, winner, baby!

For those of you that don't know we are HUGE Alabama Crimson Tide fans. We don't miss a game, unless it's a life or death kinda situation, and we always dress up for the game even if we're just watching it at home (a friend of my sister's thought that was really funny!). The funny part is my husband is from NC but we've successfully converted him to Bama's side. I'm thinking he may be more die hard then any of us now (well, except my dad and sister and I'm pretty sure my dad doesn't own any piece of clothing that doesn't represent the team!).

Yesterday was the BIG game, the Iron Bowl. We played our biggest rival, Auburn. We hate Auburn. Plain and simple. I can't stand them, their colors (orange and blue) make me sick to my stomach (this has been bred into me since the beginning of my days! Lol!) and I refuse to wear any orange or blue together and that include an orange shirt and blue jeans. Too close for comfort! Of course we were pretty sure we would win since we're #2 in the country and they're....uh, way down the list, but whatever. Last year some how we managed to goof up and let them come back to win by like 1 point. ONE point. Talk about being P'O'ed.

Gianna was ALL in the Spirit - we even painted her face (her favorite part!)

Showed off our Team colors. Everyone was pointing us out when we went to lunch
and out to Wal-Mart. We even ran into an Auburn fan. And we flew our car flags
very proudly!

(Being cute, as always.)

(Oh, and the night before I colored my hair. Jet Black. I went outside to show you
how black it is! I love it, I've missed it being this dark. Most people can't tell a big difference
but I can!)
So we beat Auburn last night, spanked them! 42-14 and we went to bed super happy!
We did traditional Game Day food - yummy wings, hand cut fries, chips and dip and lots of left
over pie (pumpkin, pecan and apple) and ice cream. Seriously, my body is SO ready for a
good cleansing starting tomorrow. Whew!

Gigi's going to be in a parade today. Her first one. She's riding the "float" with her dance
class downtown. She's excited but says she's nervous to wave! So adorbs. Friday night I made her tutu. They have to wear black and pink which is the studio's "colors".

I had to sew this sequin band on my hand. It seemed to take forever and it made my back
ache but it was totally worth it, really takes it up a notch!

Showing off her tutu - who knows what's with that pose but she's cute & she knows it!
Several people stopped and commented on her face paint yesterday or just how cute
she is in general. She finally said (with all sincerity) "Why do people like me so much?!"
Lol! Just like her daddy.....I'm kidding....sorta. Haha! Then later in the Wal-Mart parking
lot some guy cut in front of our Jeep without looking, his wife waved and mouthed "Sorry!" and Gianna goes "She was waving at me....." Lol! Gotta figure out how to teach confidence WITH humility!

P.S. I just realized I don't think I ever shared any Thanksgiving Day photos. I didn't get a lot but what I do have I'll try to get up tomorrow along with some photos from the parade!
We did managed to get our Christmas tree up Friday night and Gigi was so thrilled! I think she's messing with the tree and ornaments more this year then she ever has.


  1. haha...i actually had NO idea that alabama won. yesterday the boys and i went grocery shopping during the game. it was AMAZING! we were basically the only people there. :)

  2. oh, i also wanted to add that even though i don't know anything about football, i don't mind that peppy is really into it, because i love the food that comes along with football season!

  3. I don't mind football season at all....some women are bothered by their husbands or boyfriend's being into football but to me it's manly and part of being a man! Haha! But when it comes to AL football it is tradition here. I don't watch a lot of other football but we ALWAYS watch AL football and makes lots of yummy food and that's the best part for sure!