Sunday, November 20, 2011

Smile for the camera!

Sometimes I forget that some of my lovely readers either don't follow me on Twitter and Instagram or you just don't have Twitter or Instagram (but if you do you can find me on Twitter - @alaythea and on Instagram under Alaythea). So I don't realize how long some of you go with out seeing any pictures. I'm putting them up all day long and then forget to post them to my blog! So I thought I'd remedy that and share a few photos with you from our weekend! Enjoy!

My little artist tonight - messy but she had so much fun!
And luckily that paint washed right off!

Me, trying out a new iPhone app (that I didn't really like or keep by the way.)

Gigi found a little bead kit from a while back and wanted to make a necklace.
But after about 6 very frustrating beads she gave up!

I took a break from reading today and snapped this of myself, up close!
I've been reading the Stephen King Dark Tower series and it's amazing but
really in depth and really long books. The one I was reading I've checked out of the
library three times in a row and it's due back tomorrow so I had to finish it!

Made blueberry muffins this morning. Gigi and I have a deal - she likes the
bottom of the muffin and I like the top so we split it and she eats the bottoms
and I eat the tops! Totally a great deal for me!

My handsome hubby, I love candid shots of him. Not that his posed ones aren't any
good but he just always looks so handsome and I love just capturing him naturally!
He melts me!

Gigi's little table turkey she made at school - she was so proud of it!

My new kicks (someone commented that this looked more like Gigi's feet then mine,
but I have pretty small feet & the angle makes them look even smaller!) - my sis
got these for me for like $1! Lol! Awesome!

Ok, so I admit, occasionally I take a photo of myself that I really do like and this
is one of them. I love my glasses so much, total nerd and for $12 they were worth
every penny!

Me and my girl - goofing off with the webcam.

The morning after seeing the midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn. I think
I was still half asleep at that point! 3:30am bed times do not settle well with me.
I've never had a hang over but I assume it feels sorta like that.....

Me and my sis at the Breaking Dawn premiere. It was so fun!

What I wore Thursday night/Friday morning to the movie.
Boots: Dirt Cheap (Target brand) only $8!
Leggings: Wal-Mart
Black tunic shirt: Target
Jean shirt: Wal-Mart
Scarf: Gift
Earrings: Gift.

So happy about this short week! Gigi's only has 2 days of school and the hubby only works 3 days. We bought everything for Thanksgiving dinner today and we're ready to cook.
Oh, by the way, I was totally going to make homemade pecan pie (I hate it but others like it so we have one.) but when I went to buy pecans, HOLY COW! They are so pricey!
I needed almost 2 cups for one pie and a 2 cup bag of pecan halves was almost $7. Plus everything else I have to buy for it would make it like a $12 pie. So I opted out of that a bought a $5 frozen pecan pie. Lol! But I am making homemade mini apple pies and I'm thrilled about that. Plus Wal-Mart was selling turkey's for $.79 a pound but was price matching another grocery store making them $.59 a pound so we got a almost 15lb. turkey for $8.60!!! Win!
Now I'm going to eat a bowl of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream (which is dreamy!) and then call it a night!

(P.S. Thank you SO much to all my new readers! I think I've gained about 13 new readers in the past week or so and I'm over the moon happy! I'm really sorry that I still don't have "About" tabs on my blog. I'm pretty much html illiterate and have no idea how to put them up even though I've watched dozens of tutorials. So when I find someone who can do it for me I'll have them! Lol! For now just read through posts and figure out if you like me or not! Haha! Just kidding, about liking me or not.....I hope that if you are here you've already decided you like me! Lots of hugs!)


  1. LOVE your glasses! They are so cute...and for 12 bucks??? EVEN BETTER!!

    Love all of your instagram photos...i am definitely addicted to that thing!

    new follower :)

  2. Welcome, Kasey!!! And thanks, I got the glasses online and they were totally worth it. Oh, and Instagram, I'm most certainly ADDICTED!