Monday, November 21, 2011

Memory Lane....

(If you haven't read mine and my hubby's story you can go HERE first!)

Occasionally I take a little trip down memory lane and think about all the things we've been through as a couple and a family. Most of my memories are good. Isn't it funny how your mind selects which memories to keep and which ones to let fade? But anyway, sometimes random things just pop into my head. Like how when we were first together (that first photo - I was 14 and he was 17.) we said we'd name our first boy Preston Bailey. We're way over that name now! Lol! And I can't imagine ever wanting a boy after our sweet daughter.

I remember another time riding with Benjamin to eat somewhere and he played this really sweet song for me and I remember very shyly holding his hand for a few minutes......back then I wasn't allowed to "date" and there was to be absolutely NO physical contact so I was sure I was going to be grounded for life if my parents found out I had actually touched him! Haha!

(When we got back together in 2004)

I remember running into him at our local post office where his dad worked in the summer of 2004 after I had graduated. I still remember what he was wearing and I remember what I was wearing! Lol! I know, I'm silly. I wasn't dating anyone and I was moving to AL to go to Cosmetology school. But since I was moving out of my parents home I could date him if I wanted to (finally!). I remember my heart racing when I saw him! We chit chatted briefly. I knew he was dating someone else (and it broke my heart!) and he was very respectful of that. But I told him if it didn't work out with her to please get back in touch with me because I still cared about him. I figured I'd never hear from him again although I wanted to......

I moved to Bama and briefly dated a guy there but in October 2004 I was headed out the door to go help my Grandmother (I lived with my grandparents while I was in school) and I heard my phone's text alert and I almost left it but decided to check it before I went outside. All it said was "I've missed you." I remember my heart almost stopping completely because I thought it was his number. Here's the funny part, I had a good friend in NC whose phone number was the exact same digits except the last two were reversed. So for a split second I thought maybe it was her! Lol! So I texted back and said "Who is this?" and he texted back, "Who do you think it is?!" And I knew it was him and I seriously almost had a heart attack I was so happy because I knew that he was getting back in touch with me because he had broke up with his girlfriend and he still wanted to be with me. We talked on the phone and texted a lot for the next month. Then on Black Friday in 2004 I met up with his mom for some shopping while I was in town for the holidays. He met up with us - I first saw him again in Bath & Body Works. I'm pretty sure time stood still and I fell in love so hard I thought I might drown in it! He kissed me that night while U2 sang "City of Blinding Lights" and we never looked back!

He was visiting me in AL February 2005. It was Valentine's Day and I had to work.....the salon at worked at was "closed" on Monday's but I still went into make calls, take calls and do inventory. He came and sat with me all day (awww!) and all of a sudden he looked up from what he was doing and said, "I'm going to move down here!" I was like "What?!" I never expected that, we have never even talked about it. And he did - he moved down June 2005 to be with me! But I've since learned that Benjamin's does that - when he decides on something it's seemingly out of the blue and then we do it and it works. I'm still waiting for a few really special "out of the blue" moments to happen - and when they do I may pass out from all the happiness it'll cause me to experience! Lol!

I can't believe that the 26th of this month will mark us being together 7 years! I remember asking him in Panera Bread that day if we were an "official" couple and he said he had thought it was official the moment he had text me a month before! If for some reason Benjamin and I hadn't ended up back together I still never would have gotten over him - I loved him from the moment I saw him and never stopped. And even though we both had to travel separate roads for awhile and endure things and go through things we wish we hadn't in the end we're together and that's all that matters!