Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving - Finally!

Just a few pictures from Thanksgiving. I had my camera all charged up and ready to go and hardly got any pictures! My sis and I got busy cooking and by the time we were done we sat down to eat and I didn't even think about pictures of the food or anything until we were done and groaning from over stuffed bellies!

Sticky buns made from canned biscuits and LOADS of butter and sugar!
So yummy!

Helping Aunt Char Char.....

Yeah, we ate off paper plates. So not ashamed. I don't have a dishwasher
and the less dishes the better!

And mini apple pies!!! So yummy and cute!

Seriously, they take my breath away!

Then we headed downtown to watch the "Lighting of the Lights". Lol! It was fun for Gi. It wasn't that cold out but fun. There was a jazz orchestra playing that was actually really good and I enjoyed that part. Surprisingly we didn't see many people we knew. I ran into one of my ex-boyfriend's. He and his wife have a little son now and I got to see him.....so tiny!!! But yeah, it's was a good end to the evening!

Gianna looks JUST LIKE her daddy in this picture!

My sis, Charity, and her hubby, J.

And on another note I started the Cabbage Soup Diet yesterday. And yes, I've already heard all the negatives about it, thank ya very much! And yes, I understand that you lose mostly water weight but at the same time your bound to lose a few actual pounds eating fruits, veggies and lean protein. I'm still working out while I do this. But I'm mainly doing it because I just wanted to sorta cleanse my body from the past few weeks of eating and especially the weekend. I haven't gained but a pound or two but I just feel bloated and yuck. So I'm hoping this will help me feel a little better.

Yesterday wasn't bad. Eat all the fruit you want and the soup, drink lots of water and unsweetened juice. So I was good yesterday. Today is no fruit and all veggies and soup. It's gonna be a long day! The one good thing is today I get to "reward" myself with a baked potato and butter for dinner. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to that! Tomorrow is fruits AND veggies. Woohoo! Lol!


  1. Besides the soup that sounds like a good diet! I love fruits and veggies. I'm a new follower by the way.

  2. Welcome, dearie!!! Yeah, the soup isn't bad but I can only eat about two bowlful's a day. I have a hard time with veggies so I'm having to push myself in that department mainly because without salad dressing! Lol!

  3. wow! i never realized how much gianna and your hubby look alike! your mini apple pies look delicious, as do those sticky buns. and i really like your shirt, too!

  4. Yeah, her eyes look a little more like mine but she's his little mini me. People don't notice it quite as much now that she's gotten older unless they are together but when she was little she was ALL him! Lol! And yes, all the sugary stuff turned out super yummy! That tunic shirt I've had for a couple of years and I haven't worn it lately because I thought it would be too tight across the hips and I was SO happy when I got up and put it on and it was looser then ever. YAY!