Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn

Last night was the night those of us who love the Twilight series have been looking forward to for awhile - Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 came out at midnight and you bet I was there! I wasn't at the midnight premiere of Twilight, I got started a little late but I've managed to be at the midnight premiere of New Moon, Eclipse and now Breaking Dawn Pt. 1. And I'm so looking forward to Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 now!!! I'm going to be so sad when it's all over and they are done with all the movies. :-(

I went with my sister and we had a bit of a girl's night out. It was weird leaving for a movie at like 9:15pm! We don't have a decent theater in our town so when we want to see a movie we have to travel about 40 minutes to a larger town to go to a nice theater. But the theater we went to last night seated you as you arrived so you weren't standing in line for two hours. We got there around 10pm and found really good seats before our theater filled up. It helps going in smaller numbers. Some of the big groups of 5 or 6 girls/women have a harder time finding good seats. Going alone is not a lot of fun but you can find a seat just about anywhere!

I won't give away too much because I know a lot of people haven't been to see it yet. But it was even better then expected! Truly. I felt like they stuck to the book for the most part. The ending scene(s) was a little different but I think it filmed better that way. The wedding was breath taking of course, we all knew it would be. Her dress was perfection for her! One of my favorite scenes was one I hadn't even thought much about - and it was the part of the story where Jacob imprints! Very well done and really beautiful.

I was interested to see how they'd depict the birth scene since it's very gruesome in the book but I think they captured that without going over board. I think Kristen Stewart is an amazing actor but I really felt both her and Robert Pattinson were much more comfortable in their roles this time, if that makes any sense. And I felt her acting was really superb.

Overall, I'd say it's the best of the Twilight series so far - and Twilight would be second. I didn't care too much for New Moon but Eclipse was good so it's third on my list. I think the ending of Breaking Dawn was the perfect way to end it and leave you totally thrilled about Part 2!!! So if you haven't gone to see it yet or if you haven't bought a ticket to see it yet then do so - it's so worth it. Being lost in beautiful romance and love for almost 2 hours is totally worth it!

Although I will say that by the time I got home at 3:30am this morning I was out of my mind tired. I managed to drag myself out of bed at 6:30 and get Gigi ready for school but then I crashed again and let the hubby take to her school by himself. And then I slept till about 8:30 and then napped again this afternoon. I still feel a big foggy! I don't do late nights so when I do it's for something important! Lol!


  1. i don't understand the whole twilight phenomena, but that's ok, because not everyone understands my undying love for colin meloy. :) i just wanted to let you know that i read your post, and i think it's really cool that you took the time to go do something that YOU wanted to do. :) and i'm glad that it was as good as you'd hoped!

  2. Lol! I'm totally fine with not everyone getting into Twilight - I just get annoyed with people who acted like they're superior beings because they don't like it!