Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Confessional V.1

So I've been reading Deanna's "confessions" over on Delirious Rhapsody for awhile and now Karly over at Three in Three is doing it so I thought I'd jump aboard too. I don't know that I can come up with 100 things to tell you about myself that you don't already know (I'm sorta boring that way!) but we'll see!

#1. - The middle finger on my right hand is permanently crooked at the top and has a slight hump from how I hold my pen when I write. Growing up I wrote A LOT - I loved penmenship and took calligraphy classes and wrote loads of letters to penpals so I created this hump on my finger from it!

#2. - I rarely wear my engagement ring. I stopped wearing it for a few years after Gianna was born because I was too fat, then I lost weight and I can wear it now but it just feel super fancy and I usually only wear it when I dress up. Otherwise I wear my diamond wedding band and another plain band. I LOVE my engagement ring though, it's gorgeous!

#3. - I had the name Eisley Tatum all picked out for a girl but never planned to use it since I was positive I was having a boy when I was pregnant with Gianna. 2 weeks before we were going to find out the sex I had a dream it was a girl and suddenly I was convinced I was having a girl and obsessed with the idea and suddenly wanted to change her name to something more girly. So we changed it to Gianna Elyn.

#4. - Most people think I'm Italian especially when they hear my daughter's name is Gianna. But I'm actually part Lebanese. My mom's dad is full blooded Lebanese! It's funny because out of the 5 kids in my family every other one has the dark skin and dark hair - the other two in between are more fair skinned.

#5. - We've had nothing but long haired cats as pets since Benjamin and I got married. A total of four (Gandal, Esme', Gypsy and Gemima) and Gandalf is the only one we still have. After Gandalf passes (whenever that may be, he's 13) I swear I will NEVER own a long haired cat again. In fact, I plan to get a hairless one next.

#6. - I can't sleep without two pillows. It sounds strange but I have to have one between my legs, in between my knees. My knees rubbing together when I'm sleeping on my side irritates me!

#7. - As much as I talk about and think about coloring my hair something other then black I can't actually do it. And the few times I have I've hated it and died back to black within a couple of weeks. I have nothing against blondes, brunettes and red heads but for me I think black is the sexiest!

#8. - I'm very proud of my legs. They define without a lot of work and when I do work them out they look great! My mid section though I haven't felt proud of in about 10 years. I'm still hoping there will be a day I'll actually like it.

#9. - I have baby fever in a serious way. I NEVER ever thought I would. I never planned to have kids and after my daughter was born I just knew I'd never ever want to go through having a baby again. So I had my tubes tied. I never regretted it up until around January of this year.......

#10. - When I get nervous I yawn. It's uncontrollable. I just keep yawning over and over! I also twirl my hair but I do that when I'm bored too. It almost drives me crazy because I do it so much. The longer my hair gets the worse it gets.

(So that's my first set of 10. You are supposed to do it every Sunday for 10 weeks. If you join in leave me a comment and a link so I can read yours as well! It'll be fun!)


  1. Yay! I'm glad you did this! You are VERY interesting girl. I hadn't worn my wedding band or engagement ring in years because of the constantly having kids thing, but then I lost the weight and forced them on and now I cannot get them off! Ah!

  2. I love the name Eisley!!! It is so unique and feminine.

  3. love penmanship.....well i don't want to know what you thought about my horrible handwriting when your giftcard came in the mail! if it makes it any better, i was holding owsley at the time. :)

  4. Lol! I didn't pay any attention, Deanna - I was so excited I just ripped it open!