Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We made it back (photo overload!)

Thursday evening my sis and I loaded up her car (and packed in Gigi as well!) and headed to Bama to see our family. Mainly because Friday was my dad's big 50th birthday and we wanted to be with him to celebrate. What he didn't know was that we had all been planning a surprise party for him Friday night! He has always wanted a big birthday party and we've just never worked it out to do one so this seemed like the perfect time. It was so hard to keep it a secret and he couldn't figure out why we had come up for just a day because he was headed up here to NC on Saturday! We couldn't tell him we had come to help with the party. Mom couldn't do much because he'd wonder what was going on so my sisters and I spent Friday afternoon running around picking up food and the cake and decorating. He was surprised right up until he was about to walk into the building. We had all the lights out but he saw someone's face in the window and knew something was up! But it was still a ton of fun!

(My wonderful dad - can't believe he's 50!)

My sisters and I - I'm the oldest, then Charity (on the right) and DeeAnna (on the left)

(We finally got to sit down and enjoy some cake!)

(Excuse Dad's slightly goofy face, I thought it was sweet!)

Charity and our cousin, Glavin! How cute is he?!!!

(L-R: Charity, me, my cousin Ashley, my cousin Hannah and their mom, my aunt Debbie (Dad's older sister)

My cousin Emma (she is one of triplets!), Gigi and my cousin Ava.

My mom, her younger brother Tony (my uncle!) and Gigi.

My Aunt Becca and Uncle Brian ( Ava and Glavin's parents/my mom's younger sister)

My mom and DeeAnna (this is so rare, them taking a nice photo together! lol)

My photo's are kinda out of order here. Sunday we went out to lunch before we left and this are a few pictures from lunch.

My mom and I - everyone says we look just a like!

Charity and our little brother Kenneth - he's 15 and that's his look most of the time!

My cousin John and my youngest brother, Matthew.

Saturday we did a little shopping. I had to go find Gianna some Bama gear because I forgot to bring hers and she couldn't not wear Bama gear for the big Bama - LSU game. Which we lost (barely) by the way. But we are still HUGE fans and we'll win the next one!

Even mom's dog, Shiskabob, was feeling the spirit!

Watching the game!

My little Bama girl!

Roll Tide!

All in all we had a great time - we came home pretty exhausted but it was totally worth it! It's crazy how fast the weekend's go by especially when you are having fun! Benjamin didn't go this time because originally we weren't going to stay very long but since my dad was coming up here Saturday us girls decided to stay and hang out with mom. Dad came up here and they had a "guy party" while they watched the Bama game Saturday!

So that's where I've been all weekend, and I'm still trying to get back into the swing of life here at home.....

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  1. Surprise parties are the best! Looks like a really a really fun party :)