Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beat Down

I mentioned in this post that things have been a bit rough for the past few weeks. And "a bit rough" is kinda an understatement. It just feels like every time we turn around something is going wrong or messing up or in general, just taking more money. And that's life. We understand that but usually things are kinda spread out so we have time to recover in between. But lately it just seems to be one thing right on top of another. And I'll be honest I'm feeling a bit beat down. I've been doing my very best to stay positive, I keep telling myself that this will pass, we'll get through it. And we will but it seems endless.

I mentioned a few weeks ago the alternator went out on our main vehicle, totally didn't see it coming and then boom! Then yesterday I noticed the battery gauge on my Cherokee seemed to be under what's normal (and our mechanic told us that should never happen and if it does most likely something is wrong with the alternator.). Then last night after we met my mom & sis for dinner it had gotten dark so I had to turn on the lights and it completely drained the battery and died. I killed the lights and was able to crack it and get it moved into a parking lot. Luckily my mom was right in front of me and was able to help me call a tow truck and then take Gi and I home. So my car is in the shop now.....which means we only have one vehicle. And that meant Gi and I had to get up earlier this morning and take my hubby to meet his ride to work and then I'll have to go pick him up this evening. Seriously, I just keep trying not to think about it all together - the car issues, the extra bills, the normal bills, the holidays, etc. because if I do I think my brain may melt and ooze out my ears from sheer panic!

I still can't find a job, I've put in about 14 applications (and in this small town that's a lot) and I haven't heard back from one. Not one. I had full expected to have been working for like 2 months by now. I had figured that at this point we'd be in really good shape financially because I'd be bringing in extra and it would just be awesome. My plans never seem to work out, maybe if I quit making any then I won't be disappointed! And on top of it my Pretty Nods business has become pretty much non existent. I was so excited because for about a month people were buying stuff left and right and I was staying busy and making enough extra money to cover at least my weekly gas and an occasional outing or whatever. But now, nothing. It's like as soon as I got a Facebook page and an Etsy shop no one is interested. I haven't sold ANYTHING on my Etsy shop. Not one item. I think if I could just sell one item on Etsy I'd feel like a million bucks! I've been doing giveaways on blogs and trying to drum up business. But so far, na-da. I just don't know how to advertise or push it any more. I'm planning to be apart of a Holiday Bazaar a church near me is putting on but I'm even worried about that.....I feel like I put out quality work and I keep the price as low as I possibly can - not even counting my time in most prices. But I guess too many people are doing stuff like this right now.

I don't mean to dump everything on you, my dear readers, but occasionally I just need to get it out! And I guess I don't want you guys to think I'm living the perfect life or anything! Lol! It's weird because amidst all this I feel like my husband and I have grow much closer and we've even been fairly happy through most of this. We have our moments of sudden stress and frustration with each other but I think we're both trying really hard to keep at least one aspect of our lives in order and under control. Because being angry and ill with each other isn't helping our finances! So there has been some good amongst the bad.....


  1. We have gone through this before. So much so that any time anything good happened. I actually became afraid that something bad was just around the corner. I had convinced myself that even though my husband and I are good people, we are just not one of those people that can have a good thing happen just because. But then after some time the bad things stopped happening (knock on wood) and while finacially its still tight at times, we somehow are doing better, and have not had a bad suprise in a very long time.

    Sorry to hear about pretty nods! I had something like that happen with my photography. I was always having people ask why I didn't get into photography professionally and when I finally did no one wanted to book a session with me. It took sometime but things picked up, I had to change my way of thinking and not rush things, let my business grow organically. The boutique that I work part time at supports local businesses, have you thought of seeing if a shop similuar would do that. Or even try consignment shops. I have seen quite a few are carrying handmade goodies now.

    Hope everything picks up for you three! xoxo

    Sorry I rambled on a little lol

  2. It WILL get better! We survive on one car and have for a few years. I like it because it's actually LESS gas money because I can only take the boys as far as walking distance. Have you tried seeing if anyone needs a daycare provider? If you're comfortable with taking care of another kid, it's a great way to get money!

    A good thing about being crafty is that you'll be able to make a lot of gifts handmade if you want to really save money. There is so much stuff floating around Pinterest that I'm sure you'd be able to whip something up.

  3. I am not sure how religious you are but if you can trust God it will all work out. I went through a similar situation where I actually quit my job to stay at home with my kids and start a home daycare biz. When I quit I did everything I could and advertised all over but no calls. When I was at my breaking point and told my husband I guess it's not what God had planned he told me just be patient which sent a wave or peace over me and sure enough that afternoon I received not one but two phone calls.
    It will all work out as it is supposed to. Don't give up though its taking longer than you had hoped. I agree with a comment above. Maybe you could show case or offer some pieces on consignment at local shops and/or salons.

    **I am a new GFC follower, Its the Simple Things, and hope you stop by sometime Its the simple things