Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Fairy good Halloween!

Halloween started Friday for us - Gianna had her "Fall" party at school and came home with a huge bucket full of candy and then that night there was Trick or Treating in one of the down towns. We live in what's called a Tri-city. There are three tiny towns all right together and it's basically one town but they refuse to join together and just be one so we actually have three small down town's! Lol! Each down town does a Trick or Treat night where all the store owners hand out candy. We've done it three years in a row now and it's really nice since we don't live in a neighborhood or know any one that does so we don't do house to house trick or treating. So we got Bug dressed up and took her down....I dressed her up "warm" but when we actually got out and started standing around outside I realized it was FREEZING out!

(Headed out....)

(My sweet little fairy - the face painting is my favorite part!)

(I don't know if she was in awe here or scared!)

(Love them!)


Monday/Halloween Gi got to dress up for school as a book character so she went as Snow White. I was in such a hurry getting out the door that I forgot to take her picture and when I picked her up they had changed her in to regular clothes so she could play outside. So no pictures of Snow White......
After school she dressed back up as Tinkerbell/a fairy and we went to dance. I was so bummed because even though they still had dance only like 4 other kids showed up from Gi's class and two of them left 30 minutes into class. Every one from her class dressed up last Monday. But she was still super cute and had fun!

(Love her serious little ballerina face here!)

My sister and her hubby met us and we went to another down town and got very little candy. They were SO stingy with the candy! Geez.
After that we went to a Trunk or Treat at a local church and it was GREAT! They did it up great and gave away good candy and even had free popcorn and hot chocolate at the end of the line which was nice because it was chilly standing in the lines. But this was the best part, each trunk had a theme, this one was Daniel & the Lions Den. "Daniel" was sitting in the truck texting but they had their dog dressed up like a lion! Gianna goes "They have a REAL lion!!!!" He was totally eating up the attention!

Aunt Char-char and Uncle J are such good sports - I felt out of place being the only one not "dressed up". I painted my sister's witch face as well - someone complimented me on my "talent"! Lol!
We hit up another Trunk or Treat at another church and it was scary. And not in a fun way. It was kinda in a rough neighborhood and the trunks weren't decorated at all, the parking lot was really dark, they gave out hardly any candy and they had this "tunnel" filled with smoke and red lights that was supposed to be Hell and it was filled with loud demon noises and a actual dressed up demon at the end to scare you into Heaven I guess! Lol! Gianna was scared of it and I was hungry so we left and went to Arby's for dinner.
Over all it was a happy Halloween and I'm really looking forward to next year because we'll be in Bama and I think there will be all sorts of fun things to do and I'm going to put a lot more effort into Gianna's costume and I just might dress up myself! What?!


  1. you did a great job with the face paint!! gianna looks adorable. :)

  2. OH! What a pretty little fairy! I love her face paint!! Beautiful girl!

    & the Daniel and the lion are adorable! HA!