Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 4- Favorite TV show

So as you can tell I have a hard time narrowing anything down to just one of something! Lol! Especially when it comes to my favorites, there are just too many to decide on! I'll be honest, I watch a good bit of TV when I can. I grew up without a TV, without being able to watch it pretty much ever. So I guess it's still a novelty for me.
I tend to like mystery, thriller, suspense type shows although I watch everything from cooking, home repair shows, Baby stories, etc.
But as far as shows that I usually try to follow these two are on my top list! They usually show back to back on Wednesday night so once Gianna goes to bed I spend two hours enjoying crime drama!
Criminal Minds is like reading a Dean Koontz book but watching it instead......
I find criminal drama very interesting, mainly because it's something I feel like I could never truly handle in real life!

I used to follow CSI very closely but after they started changing the cast up so much I kinda drifted away from watching it and it was on a Thursday night which is our Friday night so we are usually out and about doing something and I'd miss it anyway.
So I started watching CSI: NY after Criminal Minds and started to really enjoy it!
All the characters have become quite dear to me and I hate it that this upcoming season won't include Stella's character. It looks like the actress Sela Ward will be taking her place. We'll see how that goes, I hate it when my favorite shows and beloved characters start changing! I tend not to be a huge fan of change! Lol!
So those are my two ultimate favorite TV shows!

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  1. Criminal Minds is a fave show for Momma and I. Matthew Gray is sooooo handsomely nerdy! lol ;)