Friday, July 30, 2010

Birthday Wish List!

So anyone that knows me knows I LOVE my birthday! Some people have said that I'm getting to old to make a fuss over my birthday still but I saw whatever! I enjoy my birthday, it's the least I can do since I hate the thought of getting older at all. So I make a big deal about, starting making my wish list months ahead of time, preparing/thinking about what I want to do. And although I don't usually have a big party or anything (we keep it simple with family usually) we always make a big deal about it being that persons day and August 23rd is MY day! So since it's less then a month away I have started that process.....I'm still not sure what I wanna do. I have been thinking about perhaps trying out The Cheesecake Factory. I've heard it's wonderful (and very fattening! Lol!) but I'm not positive I wanna go there either. Maybe Beej and I will go do the dessert course at The Melting Pot. I've heard that's really yummy too. I've heard the meat course isn't that great but the dessert chocolate is to die for!!! But there are only two things I want for my birthday. I'm hoping, praying, begging, etc. that everyone who usually gets me a gift will just pitch in together and get me these two things. And since they are both rather pricey I feel bad asking for both! Lol! But I figure it can't hurt to mention them.....

So this is actually 2nd on my list if I'm only getting one item! Lol! I need some new work out shoes. I've heard that Saucony's are really good for people who have arch pain during high impact work outs. I bought Beej a pair back at Christmas for work because he needed some with some support and he's really liked his. I want some black (or mostly black) shoes. I've looked at a pair of Nike's too that are pretty awesome. But these are my first choice I think.....

Of course, THIS is what I want MORE than anything else. It is my biggest wish for my birthday this year! It's kinda pricey since it's brand new from Beach Body but it's awesome (and I'm awesome! Haha!) and so I must have it! I've done P90X twice and I've done Insanity almost three full times now so I'm ready for the next big challenge and Turbo Fire is it. So for all my family (and friends alike!) this is all I want....truly. Please don't get me this, that and another. Just pitch in and get me this - even if you pitch in $5, that will get me $5 closer to what I so badly want and desire!!!
Happy birthday to me pretty darn soon!!!

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  1. I love my birthday too! I already have everything planned out right to where the name tags will go on the table for the seating arrangement of my friends and the cake I am going to be making with my mom. :-)

    I turn 15 August 29, but one of my best friends from dance has the same birthday as you. We decided to go get our permits together. :-)