Thursday, July 22, 2010


So besides the daily Challenge posts I'm going to try and throw a few "normal" posts in as well. Not a lot to talk about, just the usual going on as always! I am spending the week with my sister....everyone else is out of town so we are house sitting for my parents. Taking care of the house and the animals. Mom's taking some time to visit an old friend and Dad and the boys are still in Bama taking care of my grandfather. Things are still very undecided there, they're just taking it a day at a time trying to figure out what's's such a tough decision.
I started wearing a pedometer here and there awhile back and I've been shocked at how few steps I'm getting in. I'm only getting in 6,000-8,000 a day and that's what you need to maintain your weight. I don't want to maintain, I want to LOSE!!! If I wanna do that I have to get in 10,000-12,000! Good grief, I'm going to have to start adding in nightly walks or runs or something. It irritates me to look at my pedometer at the end of the day and see the number. I still have 10lbs to go to my absolute goal weight - 120lbs.! Which is actually at the top of what I should weigh for someone my height and weight. I should be between 110 and 120! So I'm SO close. Technically I'm only 9lbs away but as of yesterday I'm back to my Insanity diet routine. I've made it through almost two full days and I've done well. I'm confused about my calorie intake now - I'm going to have to refigure it because I've always figured it counting myself as a fairly active person but I think I need to take it down to moderately active. That should keep me around 1750 calories a day versus 1900 calories a day. Which I do good eating around 1650-1750 when I'm eating right and that gives me 5-6 small meals a day and keeps me satisfied. I've learned that one of the biggest keys to staying "full" during the day is really drinking all the water you are supposed to. Which is SO hard for me, I hate drinking anything so getting all my water in is difficult but I've managed to do it for the past two days. And other then a lot of extra runs to the bathroom it's been good! Lol!
I went back to piano lessons today after missing two weeks of lessons. Between being busy with summer activities and then my grandmother passing we just haven't made it. And I've missed it. So I'm back at it today! Back to practicing a lot and learning! I also picked up my guitar the other day to play "Breathe" by Taylor Swift. I love that song and the chords are fairly simple. I realized how out of practice I am - my fingers are so sore! I've lost my calluses I guess from not playing for so long. But during my practice with that song I started writing one of my own. I have a melody and some lyric ideas but nothing solid. Which is odd for me, I usually have plenty of lyrics ideas and no melody ideas! Goodness, I wish I could just have both....but I'm working on it! I also starting writing one on piano too. I'm really and truly hoping that I can start recording some stuff soon and have a EP completed by Christmas. It's my goal....whew. So much to do and so little time.
Mine and Beej's 5 year anniversary is coming up two weeks from today. I can't believe it's been 5 years already! It's amazing how quickly time passes....the only thing I wish I could do different is have a wedding. But what's done is done and we can't go back. But I am glad we got married inspite of what some people thought and how some people advised us. It hasn't always been easy but we truly loved each other and that's what's gotten us through some of the harder times. And of course we got Gianna out of it all! That was truly a bonus!
I'm reading up a storm right now....Beej has, over time, collected all the books in the Hannibal series by Thomas Harris. I had seen bits and pieces of Silence of the Lambs a few years back and it was so interesting and gruesome at the same time. But I always like to read books before I watch the movie if the movie is based on a book. So I read the first one, Red Dragon, and then watched the movie. It was great! Edward Norton did a fantastic job in his role and the detective on the case. I finished reading Silence of the Lambs but haven't had a chance to get the movie yet.....I went ahead and moved on to Hannibal and that's what I'm in the midst of reading at the moment. The books are so well written and are full of such amazing detail! I am eager to read the last one, Hannibal Rising, which actually goes back to the beginning of Hannibal's life and explains why he became what he is....or was. I can't wait to see the movies....although I'm a little scared at the same time! I'm not one for watching stuff that's too gorey but I managed the books ok so we'll see!

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